Mitsubishi (Japan)

Mitsubishi is one of Japan's biggest business groups, comprising a network of more than 200 separate companies, each with numerous subsidiaries and affiliates. These include one of the world's largest banks and Japan's leading industrial and insurance groups as well as the likes of Mitsubishi Motors, Kirin Brewery and Nikon cameras. In reality this is not strictly speaking a group, for there is no single parent company holding control of the numerous subsidiaries. Instead, the Japanese term is keiretsu, denoting a collection of affiliated companies with interlocking ownership, financing and trading partnerships. Most of the incestuous internal links among Japanese keiretsu were largely dismantled in the 1990s to leave groups of independent companies, but heads of the Mitsubishi companies still meet in committee to discuss strategy and direction.

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Mitsubishi Corporation NYK
MC Information Systems & Services Mitsubishi Paper Mills
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Chemical Kirin
Mitsubishi Materials Mitsubishi Office Machinery
Mitsubishi Rayon Mitsubishi Cable Industries
Asahi Glass Company Nikon
Dai Nippon Toryo Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance
Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company
Mitsubishi Plastics Mitsubishi Motors
Mitsubishi Logistics Millea Holdings

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