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Suntory Beverage & Food is the increasingly global soft drinks division of Japanese spirits company Suntory. Already the well-established #2 in its domestic market behind Coca-Cola, it has gradually extended its reach globally through selective key acquisitions such as Frucor in Australia, Orangina Schweppes in Continental Europe and most recently Lucozade Ribena in the UK (now Suntory Beverage Europe). As such it is the most international by far of Japan's traditional big four drinks companies. Despite the inclusion of the word "food" in its name, Suntory Beverage & Food is primarily a soft drinks company. It is the local #2 in Japan with around 21% market share (behind Coca-Cola on 27%). Suntory is local market leader in the bottled water sector with Suntory Tennensui, the top-selling mineral water in Japan for over 20 years, which alone accounts for a quarter of its domestic case volumes, just ahead of sister brand Boss, Japan's #2 canned coffee drink. (American actor Tommy Lee Jones has been the face of Boss in Japanese advertising since 2006). Other products include carbonated drinks including Nacchan and CC-Lemon, as well as a range of teas including Iyemon, Oolong Tea, Ryokucha and Kyobancha. Orangina was launched in Japan for the first time in 2012. The group is the local licensee for Pepsi (including associated brands such as Gatorade), and operates a joint venture with Unilever and Pepsi to market Lipton ready-to-drink teas. In 2015, it agreed to acquire domestic rival Japan Tobacco's soft drinks division, comprising the brands Roots coffee and Momo no Tennensui bottled water. However the biggest prize was JT's network of 260,000 vending machines. Elsewhere in Asia, the company controls a number of well-known regional brands inherited from acquired company Cerebos, now Suntory Food & Beverage Asia. These include Brand's health food supplements, Woh Hup Asian foods, iconic Australian stock brand Gravox and a wide range of regional tea and coffee brands. The group is PepsiCo's bottling partner in Vietnam, has a presence in Indonesia through a joint venture with local company Garuda, and in Thailand with Tipco soft drinks. Following the acquisition of Danone's Frucor in 2015, it is also a leading soft drinks marketer in Australia and New Zealand, and the local market leader in energy drinks. Brands include energy drink V, juice brand Just Juice, as well as bottled "energy waters" Mizone (launched successfully in China as Maidong) and H2Go. Suntory Beverage's presence in the US is comparatively limited. It owns a 65% stake in Pepsi Bottling Ventures of North Carolina, the #3 Pepsi bottler in the US. Privately owned Suntory Group issued an IPO of its food & soft drinks division in 2013. The parent group continues to control around 60% of the equity in Suntory Beverage & Food. Kazuhiro Saito is CEO. Revenues for 2020 were approx $11.0bn (Y1,178bn) with net profit of $602m. Despite its international footprint, Japan still accounts for more than half of sales.

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