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Suntory Beverage & Food is the increasingly global soft drinks division of Japanese spirits company Suntory. Already the well-established #2 in its domestic market behind Coca-Cola, it has gradually extended its reach globally through selective key acquisitions such as Frucor in Australia, Orangina Schweppes in Continental Europe and most recently Lucozade Ribena in the UK. The latter two deals make it the local #3 in European soft drinks. As such it is the most international by far of Japan's traditional big four drinks companies. Its profile in the US market is comparatively low for now - only a regional Pepsi bottler- but further growth can only be a matter of time. The parent group's ownership of American spirits company Beam offers a more than suitable platform for further acquisition in the non-alcoholic sector.

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Boss Orangina
Tennensui Schweppes
Pepsi (Japan) Bikkle
Hibiki Pekoe
Lipton The Tea Nacchan
Brand's Essence CC-Lemon
Lucozade Ribena
Iyemon Oolong Tea

Recent stories from Adbrands Weekly Update:

Adbrands Weekly Update 26th Apr 2018: Ads of the Week "David & Goliath". Grey London's new campaign for Lucozade is great... but it really should carry an onscreen credit to the ITV digital series Plebs from whom it "borrows" - we're being polite - its entire creative set-up. Apart from the bit that it borrows from the Bible, of course, which unlike Plebs is out of copyright just now. Someone owes that show's creators Sam Leifer and Tom Basden a big drink, and not just Lucozade. Just as Plebs demonstrates with regard to the Roman Empire, there is a lot you can do with historical legend when you reimagine it through the eyes of the lads who lived through it. (If you don't know the series and like this ad, you should check out Plebs on YouTube). 

Adbrands Weekly Update 18th Apr 2018: Ads of the Week: "What Do You Expect?". It's hard keeping track of the Schweppes brand. Everyone knows it, but even just here in Europe ownership is split between multiple different companies, each with a very different approach to their marketing. Here in the UK (and also C&E Europe), it's a Coca-Cola brand, currently being promoted with a terrible film featuring a squinty bloke with a bad voiceover talking to camera. How much better is this spot from BETC Paris for Schweppes across much of Southern Europe, where it's part of Suntory's Orangina portfolio? No idea what's going on - is it some kind of obscure in-joke about that withdrawn Heineken Light ad, which had a similar bar-top slide? - but it looks gorgeous. (And don't even get us started on Germany where it's owned by someone else entirely, the brewer Krombacher, but has at least had the benefit of some decent marketing... You can see both the other ads over on our Facebook page).

Adbrands Weekly Update 8th Oct 2015: Suntory consolidated media for Lucozade Ribena in the UK and Orangina Schweppes across mainland Europe with a newly created WPP GroupM unit to be called Team Spark. GroupM already handled the business in most markets, through Mediacom in the UK or KR Media in France.

Adbrands Weekly Update 27th Aug 2015: Ads of the Week: "Le Shook". We love this bold new campaign from Grey London for Orangina, now back under Suntory's ownership in the UK. The film relocates a Grand Budapest-esque Hotel to Frinton-by-the-Sea or some such bijou English seaside resort, but shakes it up with a little additional gamine Gallic charm... Formidable!

Adbrands Weekly Update 6th Aug 2015: Ads of the Week: "Find Your Flow". In the first major campaign from Lucozade's new owners Suntory, equally new agency Grey London presents a series of increasingly impressive - but also completely absurd - stunts and gags to demonstrate just how well energy drink Lucozade can help you "find your flow" in all those boring everyday tasks. Great fun. Nice to see that Suntory are happy to underwrite this uniquely odd sort of self-deprecating ironical humour that only Brits (and possibly our Australian cousins) appear to understand.

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