Suzuki Motor Corporation (Japan)

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Suzuki is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cars, bikes and engines, best known in the West for its compact 4x4s and SUVs. Suzuki is also a specialist in the mini-vehicle segment, producing tiny but supremely fuel-efficient cars and trucks, mainly for Asian markets. For many years, the group enjoyed a close strategic partnership with General Motors, with whom it operated joint ventures in Canada and Korea, as well as other territories. That partnership was replaced, on paper at least, at the end of 2009 by an alliance with Volkswagen, which agreed to acquire a near-20% shareholding in Suzuki. The two companies had planned to cooperate on production of small cars in Asia. Yet no progress was made and Suzuki announced its intention in 2011 to terminate the relationship, despite Volkswagen's objections. That row rumbled on for five years before it was finally resolved in 2016. Instead, Suzuki signed a new strategic alliance with domestic rival Toyota. Although it has a presence in Europe, Suzuki's biggest markets are in Asia, and especially India. Joint venture Suzuki Maruti is that country's leading passenger car manufacturer by quite some margin, with almost 50% local market share. 

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