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Cheil Worldwide is South Korea's leading advertising agency, more than three times the size by billings of its nearest domestic rival. Advertising and digital are its main disciplines but it also offers a broad range of other services, including sports sponsorship. Like many of South Korea's leading agencies it began life as a subsidiary of one of the chaebol, the diversified industrial conglomerates which have traditionally driven the Korean economy. Cheil's biggest individual shareholder is still Samsung, undoubtedly the country's most powerful business. It holds around a quarter of Cheil's equity; the remaining shares are publicly quoted. The agency's size derives largely from the fact that it supervises much of the huge global Samsung Electronics account, often in partnership with local agencies. In the late 2000s Cheil set out to strengthen its profile through selective strategic acquisitions of Western agencies, such as Barbarian Group and McKinney in the US, BMB in the UK and global network Iris in 2014. Hakuhodo Cheil, also based in Korea, is a joint venture with the Japanese agency Hakuhodo. It was originally set up as a joint venture with US agency Bozell. Following the restructuring of Bozell's international network, the US agency sold its 51% stake to Hakuhodo, and Cheil Bozell became Hakuhodo Cheil. By the beginning of 2020, Cheil had more than 53 offices spread across 43 countries worldwide. Group revenues (gross profit) were approx $940m (KWon 1,104bn) in 2020 with net income of $134m. Samsung still dominates the group's business, accounting for 72% of revenues in 2020 (up from 70% the year before). Jeong-keun Yoo is global CEO, with Kevin Park as CEO of North America and Europe. In a rare exception to what is now an executive board composed of mostly Korean nationals, New Zealand-born Malcolm Poynton is global chief creative officer.

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