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Hyundai Motor Group is the umbrella for South Korea's two biggest car brands, Hyundai and Kia. Emulating the success of Japanese rival Toyota, Korea's Hyundai secured a position as Asia's second largest auto manufacturer in 2009, and is currently the global #5. It is the most successful offshoot from the former Hyundai industrial conglomerate, which split itself up into separate businesses in 2003, though innumerable cross-shareholdings remain between all the various Hyundai-branded subsidiaries. Each business has enjoyed very different degrees of success since then. The car operations reported dramatic and impressive growth during the 2000s, while the remaining parts of the group wrestled with substantial debts and declining performance. Yet Hyundai Motors too has seen its previously meteoric growth slow dramatically. Performance, especially in South Korea, was dented by a succession of strikes by the country's notoriously outspoken labour unions. Hyundai workers called walkouts in five consecutive years from 2011 to 2016. The group was also slower than rivals to shift its primary focus away from its traditional mainstay of sedan cars to the SUVs which buyers now demand in most important markets. Hyundai and Kia operate independently of one another but are both controlled and run by the Chung family. Chung Mong-Koo, son of the group's original founder, is chairman and controlling shareholder. Automobiles and auto parts and components represent by far the biggest business within the wider Hyundai empire, accounting for almost two thirds of combined revenues of approx $235bn. Other businesses are involved in construction, engineering, steel manufacturing, financial services, real estate and hotels. The group also houses its own advertising and marketing services division, Innocean Worldwide. In 2020, Hyundai Motor Group acquired an 80% stake in US company Boston Dynamics, best-known for its animalistic military robots.

Combined registrations for Hyundai Motor Group were 7.27m vehicles in 2019, but fell back in 2020 to 6.52m. Hyundai is the bigger of the two brands, positioned as a "modern premium" brand somewhere between mass-market Ford or Chevrolet and lower end luxury models produced by BMW or Audi. Chang "Jay" Jae Joon succeeded Lee Won-Hee as CEO in 2020. Global sales peaked at almost 5.0m vehicles in 2015, but declined sharply over the next two years, and have yet to recover lost ground. The figure for 2020 was 3.74m sales, a ten-year low. Hyundai is the clear leader in its domestic market with sales of 788k units, equivalent to over 41% market share. (Kia is the #2 with almost 38% share). China, once an even bigger market, has been in steady decline for several years, with sales plunging to 440k units in 2020. The US is now Hyundai's second largest market at 622k units. The Tucson SUV is Hyundai's best-selling model overall, at 461k units. It overtake previous leader the Elantra sedan in 2018. That slumped by more than a quarter in 2020 to 315k. Other top sellers are the Kona, Creta and Sonata. The company also has its own luxury division, Genesis, equivalent to Toyota's Lexus or Nissan's Infiniti, but much smaller in terms of sales. Hyundai Motor Company revenues were approx $88.2bn (KWon 104.0tn) in 2020, with net profit of approx $1.6bn (KWon 1.9tn). Hyundai has been a sponsor of FIFA football tournaments, including the World Cup, since 1999 and was joined by Kia from 2006. The partnership currently runs to at least 2022. The group also supports UEFA football tournaments in Europe, ICC cricket, FIS ski jumping, PGA golf and, since 2015, the US NFL.

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