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Kia Motors is the smaller of the two brands within Hyundai Motor Group, now Asia's second largest auto manufacturer after Toyota and currently the global #5. Hyundai and Kia operate independently of one another but are both controlled and run by the Chung family, descendants of Hyundai's original founder. Kia is positioned as Hyundai's "vibrant and distinctive" sibling, a maker of quality vehicles with "the power to surprise". Originally an entirely separate company, it has been controlled by Hyundai since 1998, through what is now a 34% shareholding. Most of the remaining shares are publicly traded. Founded in 1944, it was originally a manufacturer of bicycles, and later motorcycles. In 1962, the company launched its first automobile, the Kia three-wheel light cargo truck, followed by a passenger car, the Brisa, in 1974. By the end of the decade it had become the local assembly plant for Peugeot and Fiat, and Ford became a shareholder in the 1980s but later pulled out as a result of Korea's growing economic problems. By the late 1990s, Kia was close to collapse, and it was rescued by Hyundai and two of Korea's leading banks. In the space of the next two decades, the brand underwent an astonishing transformation in quality and style. It is still the smaller of the parent group's two brands. Total registrations were almost 2.9m in 2018, but have slipped back since then. The figure for 2020 was just under 2.7m. However in several important markets it sits close behind its larger sibling. It is the second largest brand (behind Hyundai) in the South Korean market at 552k units, equivalent to 29% share, while US registrations hit a new high of 586k. China is the brand's #3 market but sales have been in steep decline since 2018, falling to 249k in 2020. Top-selling model worldwide is the Sportage SUV at 387k registrations in 2020, followed by the Rio compact sedan at 230k, and Sorrento full-size SUV at 213k. However, the group's fastest growing model is the new Seltos mid-size SUV, sales of which more than doubled in 2020 to 190k. Revenues were approx $50.2bn (KWon 59.2 tn) with net profit of $1.3bn. Song Ho-sung is CEO, with Chung Eui-sun, grandson of the Hyundai Group's original founder, as executive chairman.

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