Multiple Users

Would your colleagues benefit from access to Adbrands? 
We offer two options for multiple users.

Individual Additional Logons

If you purchase a single user subscription at full rate (ie 130 or $220), you may also purchase additional single user logons at a reduced rate. These are priced at 25 or $45 each. Additional logons must run concurrently with the main full-price subscription (same start and end dates). Also additional users must share the same email domain (for example

As an example, a five user subscription would comprise
one main user @ 130 
plus four add-on users @ 25
making a total of 230.

Please fax us your order using the multiple user form

Multiple User Intranet Logons

 An intranet logon allows unlimited multi-user access from a doorway page held on your corporate intranet. The cost is 1400 or $2400  for a year. You can see a non-functioning example of the Adbrands doorway page here

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