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Essity was formed in 2017 from the demerger of the hygiene products business of Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, known as SCA. SCA is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of products derived from wood-pulp. Although a sizeable proportion of its revenues still come from paper and solid wood products, it was for years best known for its SCA Hygiene division, which became Europe's leading tissue and kitchen towel manufacturer through a series of acquisitions including P&G's tissue business in Europe, comprising the Bounty, Charmin and Tempo brands, and Georgia-Pacific's local operations in 2012. There were also numerous smaller purchases in Latin America and Asia. In 2017, SCA Hygiene was spun off as a separate company under the name Essity. It is now the main international rival in feminine care to Procter & Gamble and in both femcare and tissue to Kimberly-Clark. Revenues for 2017 were approx €11.3bn and the group has operations in 150 countries worldwide. Its single biggest brand is Tork, the top-selling toilet tissue across Europe and now a growing force in North America with combined sales of over €1bn. It is sold primarily in the "away from home" professional sector, covering not just toilet tissue and towels but soap dispensers and other hygiene devices. Among its numerous other facial, bathroom or kitchen tissue brands are Zewa, Tempo and Lotus in mainland Europe; Velvet, Cushelle and Plenty in the UK, and Sorbent in Australia. In the sanitary care sector, its top brand is Tena, the world's #1 incontinence protection product; Libero, is the top-selling diaper in Scandinavia. In femcare, its large range includes Libresse, Libra, Nana, Nuvenia and Bodyform. The group entered a new sector of medical bandages in 2017 with the purchase of BSN Medical, whose brands include Leukoplast, Cutimed and Jobst. Magnus Groth is group CEO.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Nov 2018: "Viva La Vulva". Emboldened by the acclaim showered upon its 'Blood Normal' film for Essity's Libresse / Bodyform franchise earlier this year, AMV BBDO dares to go where few sanpro ads have gone before with a hilariously witty and inventive tribute to, well yes, every woman's vulva. (Let's hope that use of that word doesn't get us censored by the social media police!) Celebrated director Kim Gehrig helms. We're pretty certain you won't get to see the full spot on network television (unless very late at night) despite the lack of anything remotely explicit. However, that's really part of the point, isn't it.

Adbrands Social Media 7th Aug 2018: Bladder control ambassador Sterling Gravitas returns in another delightfully bonkers campaign from AMV BBDO for Tena Men. This latest film is rather more epic than previous outings (and perhaps a little less laugh-out-loud) as Gravitas searches the globe for the answer to urinary leakage. Male incontinence is hardly the easiest of problems to tackle in an ad, but humour is almost certainly the only route to follow and AMV BBDO does a fine job once again. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Jun 2018: Cannes Lions 2018: And so Cannes Lions 2018 draws to a close. AMV BBDO was one of three agencies to return home from Cannes with three Grand Prix. There was a second top award in the PR category for the 'Trash Isles' campaign, which already collected the top prize in Design. The other was the Glass Lion for Change, rewarding the agency's bold and uncompromising campaign for Essity - formerly SCA Hygiene - to normalise attitudes towards menstruation. To fight the taboo surrounding a subject that affects half the global population, the ad showed period blood in an ad for the first time (instead of that mysterious blue liquid) and set out to show that the female monthly cycle is normal, natural and beautiful rather than a topic to be shunned or to cause shame and embarrassment.

Adbrands Weekly Update 22nd Dec 2016: Swedish tissues and personal care giant SCA agreed to acquire Germany's BSN Medical, a leading maker of bandages and woundcare products, for €2.74bn. The deal will add brands including Leukoplast and Cutimed to SCA's hygiene portfolio. SCA has indicated that it is planning to spin off the entire hygiene division as a separate public company in 2017. The business would include the group's large collection of toilet, tissue and paper towel products including Tork, Velvet, Tempo, Zewa and Plenty. SCA's personal care division, which houses sanpro and incontinence products, is expected to remain part of the main group.

Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd Jun 2016: Ads of the Week: "RedFit". As a challenger brand in the UK sanpro sector, SCA's Bodyform has to try harder. Here's a gutsy - even ballsy, if you'll forgive the mixed metaphor - spot from AMV BBDO. Red-blooded too; no sign of that mysterious blue liquid here.

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