Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

The global pharmaceutical market was worth $996bn in 2017, up almost 3% on the year before. The US accounted for 45% of that total, or $453bn. Europe contributed a further 21% (or $214bn), and the rest of the established world for 11% (or $112bn). The fastest growth continues to come from emerging markets, where sales rose by almost 8% in 2017 to $216bn. The top five markets by value are the US, Japan, China, Germany and France. Drug development has slowed dramatically as a result of rising costs. Despite a total R&D budget of $154bn in 2016, only 22 new drugs were approved by the US FDA in 2016, fewer than half the year before.

The World's Leading Pharma Companies in 2020 by healthcare revenues

 Johnson & Johnson  AstraZeneca
 Roche  Bayer
 Novartis  Amgen
 Merck & Co  Gilead Sciences
 AbbVie  Eli Lilly & Co
 Glaxo SmithKline  Boehringer Ingelheim
 Bristol-Myers Squibb Novo Nordisk
 Pfizer  Teva
 Sanofi Biogen
 Takeda  Astellas Pharma

Source: company reports

The World's Top 20 Prescription Drugs in 2020 by global sales

Humira $20.39bn AbbVie Enbrel $6.37bn Amgen / Pfizer / Takeda
Keytruda $14.38bn Merck Prevnar $5.95bn Pfizer
Revlimid $12.15bn BMS Ibrance $5.39bn Pfizer
Eliquis $9.17bn BMS / Pfizer Avastin $5.32bn Roche
Imbruvica $8.43bn AbbVie / J&J Trulicity $5.07bn Eli LillyRoche
Eylea $8.36bn Bayer / Regeneron Ocrevus $4.61bn Roche
Stelara $7.94bn Janssen / J&J Rituxan / MabThera $4.52bn Roche
Opdivo $7.92bn BMS Xtandi $4.39bn Astellas Pharma
Biktarvy $7.26bn Gilead Sciences Tagrisso $4.33bn AstraZeneca
Xarelto $6.93bn Bayer/ J&J Remicade $4.20bn J&J / Merck / Mitsubishi Tanabe

Source: Fierce Pharma, company reports

The World's Top Consumer Health Companies in 2017

 Johnson & Johnson $13.6bn  Reckitt Benckiser $6.9bn
 GlaxoSmithKline $10.5bn  Sanofi $4.8bn
 Amway $8.6bn  Herbalife $4.4bn
 Procter & Gamble $7.5bn  Pfizer $3.5bn
 Bayer $7.0bn  Nature's Bounty $3.3bn

Source: Igea, company reports; includes skincare, personal care, oral care, nutritionals, vitamins & hygiene

The World's Top Animal Healthcare Companies in 2014

 Zoetis (ex-Pfizer) 20% global share  Merial (Sanofi) 12%
 Elanco/Novartis AH (Eli Lilly & Co) 15%  Bayer 7%
 Merck & Co 14%  Boehringer Ingelheim 6%

Source: PwC

Top US OTC Products in 2013 by sales

Advil (Pfizer) $615m Alcon (Novartis) $447m Dr Scholl's (Merck*) $370m
Nature Made $596m Claritin (Merck*) $430m Aleve (Bayer) $364m
Mucinex (Reckitt) $578m Depend (Kimberly-Clark) $393m Prilosec OTC (P&G) $359m
Ensure (Abbott) $496m Poise (Kimberly-Clark) $379m 5 Hour Energy $332m

* Bayer from 2014. Source: Main products including biggest variants; IRI 52 wks to Jan 2014 all channels, Drugstorenews

Other companies profiled in Adbrands

 Bausch Health (formerly Valeant)  Abbott Laboratories

Gone But Not (Completely) Forgotten

 Warner-Lambert  Smithkline Beecham
 Wyeth  Aventis
 Schering-Plough  Pharmacia

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