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The World's Leading Car Manufacturers in 2018

Volkswagen Group 10.81m vehicles Daimler 2.74m vehicles
Toyota Group 10.44m vehicles BMW Group 2.50m vehicles
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi 10.35m vehicles Geely 2.25m (inc Volvo)
General Motors 8.64 vehicles* (7.72m 2019) Mazda 1.62m vehicles
Hyundai Kia 7.42m vehicles ChangAn 1.20m vehicles
Ford 5.63m vehicles Subaru 1.07m vehicles
Honda 5.23m vehicles DongFeng Motor 935k vehicles
Fiat Chrysler 4.83m vehicles BAIC 918k vehicles
PSA Peugeot-Citroen 4.08m vehicles Great Wall 915k vehicles
Suzuki 3.31m vehicles SAIC 899k vehicles

Source:, compiled from new car registrations in all global markets. Figures stated by individual manufacturers may be wholesales or deliveries to dealers as opposed to registrations. GM * includes Wuling of China

The World's Leading Car Brands in 2018 by Global Registrations

Toyota 8.86m vehicles Jeep 1.58m Fiat Chrysler  
Volkswagen 6.91m vehicles Suzuki 1.55m vehicles
Ford 5.46m vehicles Fiat 1.48m vehicles
Nissan 5.08m vehicles Geely 1.40m vehicles
Honda 5.04m vehicles Buick 1.30m vehicles (1.08m 2019)
Hyundai 4.46m vehicles Skoda 1.27m vehicles
Chevrolet 4.10m vehicles (3.88m 2019) Mitsubishi Motors 1.23m vehicles
Kia 2.89m vehicles ChangAn 1.19m vehicles
Mercedes-Benz 2.58m vehicles Wuling 1.13m vehicles (GM/SAIC/Wuling) (1.02m 2019)
Renault 2.54m vehicles Subaru 1.07m vehicles
BMW 2.14m vehicles Citroen 1.05m vehicles
Peugeot 1.97m vehicles Opel 1.01m vehicles
Audi 1.84m vehicles BaoJun (Wuling) 879k vehicles (608k 2019)
Maruti 1.75m vehicles (Suzuki) Daihatsu (Toyota) 834k vehicles
Mazda 1.62m vehicles DongFeng 819k

Source:, compiled from new car registrations in all global markets

Top Car & Light Truck Brands in US in 2019 by unit sales

Ford (2.31m) Volkswagen (363k)
Toyota (2.09m) BMW (325k)
Chevrolet (1.59m) General Motors Mercedes-Benz (316k)
Honda (1.45m) Lexus (298k)
Nissan (1.23m) Mazda (279k)
Jeep (923k) Fiat Chrysler Audi (224k)
Ram (703k) Fiat Chrysler Buick (207k) General Motors
Subaru (700k) Tesla (approx 200k)
Hyundai (689k) Acura (157k) Honda
Kia (615k) Cadillac (156k) General Motors
GMC (565k) General Motors Chrysler (127k) Fiat Chrysler
Dodge (423k) Fiat Chrysler Mitsubishi (121k)

Source: company releases

Top 20 Passenger Car Brands in the UK in 2019 by new registrations

Ford (236k) Peugeot (81k)
Volkswagen (201k) Land Rover (77k)
Mercedes-Benz (172k) Skoda (75k)
BMW (170k) Seat (69k)
Vauxhall (160k) Mini (65k)
Audi (139k) Renault (59k)
Toyota (105k) Volvo (56k)
Kia (97k) Citroen (51k)
Nissan (92k) Honda (44k)
Hyundai (83k) Mazda (40k)

Source: SMMT

The World's Top-Selling Car Models in 2018

Toyota Corolla (1,188k units) Volkswagen Golf (791k units)
Ford F-Series (1,081k units) Honda CR-V (744k units)
Toyota RAV-4 (837k units) Volkswagen Polo (719k units)
Honda Civic (833k units) Toyota Camry (669k units)
Volkswagen Tiguan (791k units) Chevrolet Silverado (651k units)

Source: Focus2move

Top Global Tire Manufacturers by new tire sales in 2018

Bridgestone $25.0bn Sumitomo $7.0bn
Michelin $23.3bn Pirelli $6.1bn
Goodyear $14.4bn Hankook $5.8bn
Continental $11.8bn*  

Source: Tire Business. * Continental is much bigger by total revenues, but tires account for amount stated.

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Avis Budget MG Cars
Caterpillar Jaguar Land Rover
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