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The World's Leading Global Confectionery Companies in 2019 by revenues

Mars ($18.0bn) Pladis ($4.5bn)
Ferrero ($13.0bn) Haribo ($3.3bn)
Mondelez ($11.8bn) Ezaki Glico ($3.2bn)
Meiji ($9.7bn) Perfetti Van Melle ($2.7bn)
Hershey ($8.0bn%) General Mills ($2.1bn)
Nestlé ($7.9bn) Kellogg Co ($1.9bn)
Lindt & Spruengli ($4.6bn) Orion Corp ($1.8bn)

Source: Candy Industry

The Top 10 Global Confectionery Brands in 2012 by Sales

Snickers Milka (Mondelez)
M&Ms (Mars) Cadbury Dairy Milk (Mondelez)
Trident (Mondelez) Orbit (Mars)
Reese's (Hershey) Extra (Mars)
Galaxy/Dove (Mars) Kit Kat (Nestlé / Hershey)

Source: Euromonitor

The Top US Confectionery Brands in 2014 by share

Reese's (Hershey) Orbit (Mars)
M&Ms (Mars) Mars (Mars)
Snickers (Mars) Twizzlers (Hershey)
Kit Kat (Hershey) Ghiradelli (Lindt)
Hershey's (Hershey) Twix (Mars)
Trident (Mondelez) Nestle Crunch (Nestle)

Source: Euromonitor

The Top UK Chocolate Brands in 2019 by Sales

Cadbury Dairy Milk (Mondelez UK) M&Ms (Mars UK) Cadbury Heroes (Mondelez UK)
Maltesers (Mars UK) Twirl (Mondelez UK) Mars Bar (Mars UK)
Galaxy (Mars UK) Celebrations (Mars UK) Milkybar (Nestle UK)
Lindor (Lindt) Wispa (Mondelez UK) Ferrero Rocher (Ferrero)
Kit Kat(Nestle UK) Quality Street (Nestle UK) Aero (Mars UK)
Kinder (Ferrero) Snickers (Mars UK) Creme Egg (Mondelez UK)

Source: Nielsen/The Grocer

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