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Euromonitor estimated the global pet care market at $125bn in 2018. Pet food accounts for the largest share by far: $91.1bn in 2018.

The Top Global Petfood Companies in 2016

Mars Petcare Blue Buffalo *
Nestle Purina Spectrum Brands (ex P&G Europe)
Hill's Pet Nutrition Colgate-Palmolive Ainsworth Pet Nutrition **
JM Smucker (ex Big Heart Pet Brands) Unicharm
Diamond Pet Foods Deurer

Source: Pet Food Industry * acquired by General Mills in 2018 ** acquired by JM Smucker in 2018

Top Animal Healthcare companies in 2014 by market share

Zoetis (ex Pfizer) 20% Merial 12%
Elanco (Eli Lilly) 15% Bayer 7%
Merck 14% Boehringer Ingelheim 6%

Source: company reports

The Top UK Petfood Brands in 2015 by sales

Cats Dogs
Felix Nestle Purina Pedigree Mars
Whiskas Mars Bakers Nestle Purina
Gourmet Nestle Purina Butcher's
Sheba Mars Wagg
Go-Cat Nestle Purina Winalot Nestle Purina
Cesar Mars Good Boy Armitage

Source: Nielsen / The Grocer

The Top Petfood Companies in the US in Q1 2014 by Market Share

Nestle Purina (32.4%) Colgate-Palmolive (6.5%)
Mars Inc (13.8%) Procter & Gamble (Iams) (5.1%)
Big Heart Pet Brands (10.8%) Private Label (8.7%) including Walmart's Ol' Roy

P&G's petcare division was acquired by Mars later the same year

Source: Euromonitor

The Leading European Petfood Brands in 1999 by market share

Cats Dogs
Whiskas (20.2%) Mars Pedigree Pal (10.4%) Mars
Felix (10.7%) Nestle Purina Chum (6.0%) Mars
Kitekat (9.6%) Mars Royal Canin (5.9%) Mars
Friskies (9.2%) Nestle Purina Friskies (5.0%) Nestle Purina
Sheba (4.8%) Mars Cesar (4.4%) Mars

Source: Les Echos/Euromonitor


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