Toys & Games

The World's Top Toy & Games Manufacturers in 2013 by toy revenues

Mattel ($6.5bn) Bandai Namco ($1.9bn)
Lego ($4.5bn) Tomy Group ($1.5bn)
Hasbro ($4.1bn) Sanrio ($770m)

The World's Biggest Lottery Operators by sales in 2015

China Sports Lottery The National Lottery UK
China Welfare Lottery SELAE Spain
Lottomatica Italy Mizuho Bank Japan

Groupe FDJ

New York Lottery USA
Hong Kong Jockey Club California Lottery USA

Source: FDJ

The Top 10 Gaming Consoles in 2013

Sony PlayStation 3 (14.7m units) Nintendo Wii (12m units)
Microsoft Xbox 360 (13.8m units) Sony PlayStation 4 (3.4m units)
Nintendo 3DS (13m units) Microsoft Xbox One (2.4m units)

The Top 10 Software Gaming Developers for 2014 by sales

Tencent ($7.2bn) Apple ($3.2bn)
Sony ($6.0bn) Google ($2.6bn)
Microsoft ($5.0bn) King Digital ($2.3bn)
EA ($4.5bn) Nintendo ($2.1bn)
Activision Blizzard ($4.4bn) Ubisoft ($1.8bn)

Source: Newzoo


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