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The most widely recognised ready reckoners of the world's leading brands are the two annual rankings produced by Interbrand (a subsidiary of Omnicom) and Millward Brown Optimor (a subsidiary of WPP's Kantar Group). These aim to calculate objective valuations of the "worth" of top international brands. The two studies vary quite widely, although many of the same brands appear in both - though not necessarily in the same order. Both have their idiosyncrasies in terms of which brands are included and which omitted. Of the two, we have a slight preference for Interbrand's study, which tends to have a slight bias towards Western brands. Millward Brown Optimor's "Brandz" ranking, on the other hand, has a more noticeable Eastern slant, containing several Chinese, Russian and Indian (but also Canadian!) brands omitted from Interbrand's report. Below is a summary of the two rankings. Click on the logos for more information on each brand.

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Interbrand Best Global Brands 2018

apple google microsoft coca cola samsung
toyota mercedes-benz facebook mcdonald's intel ibm
bmw walt disney cisco systems general electric nike louis vuitton
oracle honda sap pepsi Chanel american express
zara jp morgan ikea gillette ups h&m
pampers hermes budweiser accenture ford hyundai
nescafe ebay gucci nissan volkswagen audi
philips goldman sachs citi hsbc axa l'oreal
allianz adidas adobe porsche kellogg's HP
canon siemens starbucks danone sony 3m
visa nestle morgan stanley colgate Hewlett Packard Enterprise Netflix
cartier santander thomson reuters mastercard kia motors
paypal LEGO Salesforce panasonic johnson & johnson
Ferrari caterpillar tiffany jack daniel's
corona kfc heineken john deere shell Mini
Christian Dior Spotify harley davidson burberry prada sprite
johnnie walker Hennessy Nintendo Subaru

Source: Interbrand

__BRANDZ Global Top 100 Brands in 2017
 Google  Nike  FedEx  HPE
 Apple  Vodafone  Paypal  Siemens
 Microsoft  ICBC  Ikea  China Life
 Amazon  Louis Vuitton  China Construction Bank  LinkedIn
 Facebook  Toyota  Exxon Mobil  Gucci
 AT&T  Walmart  TD KFC (Yum)
 Visa  Accenture  Shell  Lowe's
 Tencent  Budweiser  Colgate  Ford
 IBM  Zara  Citi  Pepsi
 McDonalds  BMW  Commonwealth Bank  Sinopec
 Verizon  American Express  Ping-An  eBay
 Marlboro  Samsung  Orange  Bank Of America
 Coca-Cola  L'Oreal  HDFC  Telstra
 Alibaba  Baidu  Moutai  Aldi
 Wells Fargo  Mercedes-Benz  YouTube  Salesforce
 UPS  Hermes  Cisco  Honda
 China Mobile  Pampers  Gillette  Netflix
 Walt Disney  Telefonica Movistar  Costco  Snapchat
 GE  Intel  BT  Bank of China
 MasterCard  Subway  DHL  Softbank
 SAP  Oracle  US Bank  Sprint
 Starbucks  Royal Bank of Canada  Agricultural Bank of China  AIA
 Xfinity  HSBC Chase  Adobe
 Home Depot  Huawei  JP Morgan  Red Bull
 Deutsche Telekom  NTT  ANZ Bank  Nissan

Source: BRANDZ/Millward Brown Optimor

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