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Healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing is a highly specialised field, not least because of the burden of regulations which define what may or may not be said about prescription drugs by way of marketing. The United States is one of very few global markets where pharmaceuticals may be advertised direct to consumers (DTC), although that permission comes under review on a regular basis. A key concern is the way that DTC advertising encourages consumers to request pharmaceuticals which may not be suitable for their particular illness. advertising costs also drive up the price of drugs, creating a significant burden for healthcare insurers. Most countries, however, allow drugs to be promoted in one form or another to medical professionals.

Most large healthcare marketing agencies tend to manage a cluster of separate subsidiary agencies, some of which specialise in DTC advertising, others in professional or B2B advertising, still more which tackle specific areas such as medical education or, especially in the US, "managed care", which involves liaising between drug manufacturers and the various entities which oversee patients' healthcare benefits payments. All derive the largest proportion of their revenues from the US, although most also maintain a global network of local agencies which offer B2B marketing services targeting healthcare professionals. The major global healthcare marketing agencies are:

Publicis Healthcare

Publicis Healthcare Communications is the world's biggest healthcare specialist, an umbrella collecting together several units from across the group. Key agencies include the former Medicus agency, now Publicis Lifebrands, Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare, Glow Worm and Williams-Labadie.

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InVentiv Health - GSW

Healthcare marketing is just one of many services offered by inVentiv Health alongside clinical outsourcing, sales support and pharmaceutical strategy. Marketing services are managed by group subsidiary GSW Worldwide, acquired by inVentiv in 2005.

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CDM - Cline Davis Mann

CDM World Agency is the largest of several healthcare agencies under Omnicom's umbrella. An international network has been built up around the core of Cline Davis Mann in New York, still one of the country's most admired - and most feared - healthcare marketers.

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Havas Health - Havas Life

Havas Health is the umbrella for twin networks within the Havas portfolio. Havas Life is the new name for the former Euro RSCG Life network, now partnered in several major markets by conflict network Health4Brands.

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Ogilvy Commonhealth

Ogilvy Commonhealth is the biggest healthcare unit within WPP, forged from the merger of several different units built on the foundations of the old Ferguson and Bates Healthworld agencies. The current group was formed from the merger of Ogilvy Healthworld with Commonhealth in 2010.

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Draftfcb Healthcare

Even before the creation of Draftfcb, FCB Healthcare had a reputation as one of America's top medical marketers. The merged unit, now led from New York rather than FCB's Chicago HQ, retained that strength, and is also considered to be one of the most creative agencies in the sector.

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McCann Health

McCann Health, a unit of McCann Worldgroup, is the umbrella for the three separate specialist groups of Torre Lazur McCann, Regan Campbell Ward and McCann Humancare. Each of the three groups also operates their own collection of satellites offering different services.

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Sudler & Hennessey

Sudler & Hennessey is one of America's oldest surviving healthcare agencies, first established in 1934, although it didn't come to specialise in healthcare until the 1960s. With an international network spanning 30 markets, it now operates as a unit of Y&R Brands

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GHG Grey Healthcare Group

GHG is the umbrella for a sizeable collection of separately branded healthcare units under the overall control of Grey Group. It covers almost every form of healthcare discipline, even animal health, through agencies including Phase V, Hurd Studios, Catalyst and Geoff Howe.

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ICC Lowe

ICC Lowe was formerly the healthcare division of the Lowe & Partners advertising network. The business was forged from the consolidation of several different agencies over many years. The business was absorbed into larger sister FCB Health in 2015

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Abelson Taylor

Abelson Taylor is the last major independent healthcare agency, but has a strategic alliance with Omnicom for international accounts. It has an unrivalled reputation for creative excellence, named as most creative healthcare agency in the US on multiple occasions.

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TBWA Worldhealth

TBWA\Worldhealth was originally an umbrella for a group of separately branded units, including CAHG and LLNS. These agencies were merged in 2016 and formally that name as their brand.

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