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Adbrands provides profiles and account assignments for the world's top advertisers. This table lists the leading advertisers by estimated annual expenditure in 2015, from the ranking published annually by Advertising Age, based on data supplied by Nielsen, Kantar and other monitors. However, all figures are estimates. Adbrands also provides a ranking of published expenditure (where available) declared by each of the major global marketers. That table is provided to Adbrands subscribers and can be accessed here. See also:

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Leading Global Advertisers by estimated expenditure in 2015

#1 #2

Procter & Gamble
is a giant in household products, for many years the world's biggest advertiser, and the company which defined many of the marketing strategies which we now take for granted...

Unilever was
arguably the world's first packaged goods company, and still one of the global leaders, with operations in every corner of the globe and an especially strong profile in emerging markets...

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#3 #4

L'Oreal is the global
#1 in cosmetics with a portfolio that contains many of the world's biggest hair and beauty products - including such brands as Garnier, Maybelline, Lancome and Armani and Ralph Lauren fragrances.

With a collection of brands including Audi, Porsche and Seat as well as VW itself, Germany's Volkswagen Group has its sites firmly set on overtaking Toyota as the world's biggest automobile manufacturer.

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#5 #6

Comcast is America's leading cable television operator, now under the Xfinity brand, and also one of the world's biggest media owners following the acquisition of NBC Universal.

Challenges remain, but for the most part General Motors has bounced back from the financial troubles that almost caused its collapse in 2008, with a slimmed-down portfolio led by Chevrolet and Cadillac.

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#7 #8

German industrial giant Daimler has dabbled in several different sectors in recent years, but it has gradually focused its attention on cornerstone auto brand Mercedes-Benz, once again the leading luxury car in 2016

A series of aggressive acquisitions in a rapidly consolidating market - including American icon Anheuser-Busch and most recently SABMiller - has made AB InBev the world's biggest brewer by a considerable margin.

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#9 #10

Nestlé is the world's biggest food company, with a portfolio that ranges from baby foods to pet care, from chocolate to mineral water. Brands include Nescafe, Kit Kat and Perrier, among many others.

LVMH's brand portfolio is a catalogue of the finest things money can buy. It is the world's premier luxury goods company, controlling brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Hennessy, Moet & Chandon and TAG Heuer.

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#11 #12

Ford is an automotive icon, the world's first mass production passenger car just over a century ago, and still one of the top three selling brands worldwide. It has disposed of most of its other brands but remains a global giant.

Toyota is now the world's biggest carmaker. By adapting its portfolio to local tastes it has established a reputation as a global manufacturer rather than merely a Japanese exporter.

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#13 to #100
 Coca-Cola Company  Merck & Co  Richemont
 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Adidas  Vodafone
 Amazon  Henkel  Telefonica
 AT&T  Hyundai Motor Co  IBM
 Samsung Group  Pernod-Ricard  Danone Group
 Bayer  Bank of America  IAC
 McDonald's  Apple  Charter Communications
 Nike  Intel  Yili Industrial Group
 Sony Corp  Capital One  Kohl's
 Alphabet Inc  Reckitt Benckiser  Schwarzgruppe
 American Express  PSA Peugeot Citroen  Kia Motors
 Pfizer  Beiersdorf / Tchibo  Bridgestone
 BMW  Berkshire Hathaway  Tata Motors
 Priceline Group  Mars Inc  REWE
 Honda Motor Co  GlaxoSmithKline  Mazda Motor Corp
 Deutsche Telekom  Aeon  Takeda
 Nissan Motor  Microsoft  eBay
 Estee Lauder Cos  Macy's  Carrefour Group
 Verizon  America Movil  Tesco
 JP Morgan Chase  Citigroup  Suntory
 Walt Disney Co  Mondelez  LG Group
 Time Warner  Sanofi  Coty
 Johnson & Johnson SoftBank (Sprint)  Tyson Foods
 Walmart  Colgate-Palmolive  Orange
 21st Century Fox  Novartis  Tencent
 PepsiCo  Target  State Farm
 Diageo  Seven&i  Kellogg Co
 Heineken  Kering  Alibaba
 Yum Brands  Renault  
 Expedia  Astellas Pharma  

Source: Advertising Age / Kantar / Nielsen Media Research etc.

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