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Independent creative agency Above & Beyond was a surprise entry in Campaign's 2017 Top 30 ranking, earning a place primarily as a result of the arrival of former McCann London chief Zaid Al-Zaidy, who transferred across during 2016 to become CEO and part-owner alongside creative partner Dave Billing and founder Nic Ost. Al-Zaidy's arrival, along with his ex-McCann colleague Tom Bedwell, has been followed by a series of small but significant account wins. Nielsen estimated billings of £55m for 2016. However, that may have been a rather over-generous allocation of spend from clients shared with other agencies. The figure for 2017 was Above & Beyond filed statutory abbreviated accounts for 2017, suggesting turnover of less than £10m. The agency offers a reasonably broad range of services, including packaging design and content development as well as traditional advertising. With backgrounds in the music industry and digital marketing respectively, Billing and Ost launched Above & Beyond in 2012 after previously running content development agency The Creative Partnership. Parent entity The Beyond Collective also controls several other marketing-related units including strategic consultancy Frontier, media agency Yonder and creative production agencies Beyond Studios and Scramble.

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