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Currently London's most admired agency, Adam&Eve DDB was created in 2012 from the merger of the existing DDB London office with fast-expanding independent Adam & Eve. Despite a long-established reputation for creative excellence, the performance of the London outpost of DDB Worldwide had declined significantly since the mid 2000s. Under its previous name of BMP DDB, it was the four-times recipient of Campaign's Agency of the Year award. However, the agency struggled during 2006 with management problems and a string of account defections. Stability was restored in 2007, but although its creative output remained strong, DDB London seemed unable to restore its lost billings. It continued to tumble down the UK agency rankings, ending up outside the Top 20 for 2010. It bounced back briefly in 2011 before losing two big accounts at the end of the year. Those concerns were finally erased with what was effectively a reverse takeover of DDB London by the Adam & Eve management team. The merged Adam&Eve DDB has retained a position ever since as arguably the UK's most admired creative agency, winning an unprecedented four Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Lions festival, and several more in the years since.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 4th Oct 2018: Ads of the Week "Five & the Missing Jewels". For Great Western Railways, which serves London and the South West of England, Adam&Eve DDB had the bright idea last year of resurrecting Enid Blyton's "Five" gang of prepubescent adventurers. That might not sound like such a great concept unless you were brought up on those books, but actually it worked rather well, even for non-believers, and this follow-up is even better. A major contributing factor is the excellence of the animation, sharper and more detailed than the first ad, and looking like it could almost have been an out-take from Disney's classic 101 Dalmations. The story is superior too - the Five are on the trail of a dastardly jewel thief this time, rather than naughty old Timmy the dog - and the picture-postcard rendition of Bath's Roman Baths, Clifton suspension bridge, and especially a magically compressed London skyline is very fine indeed.

Adbrands Weekly Update 20th Sep 2018: Ads of the Week: "Champions Rise". You might need to break out the headache pills after watching this frenetic, brain-busting new spot for EA Sports' FIFA 19 game. It looks like Adam&Eve DDB assigned creative oversight to a group of highly skilled but hyperactive teenagers on speed. Fast-paced doesn't begin to describe it, but you might just spot cameo appearances from the cream of Premier League football and its international counterparts. The roll call includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Kylian Mbappe, Kevin De Bruyne, Paulo Dybala, Pep Guardiola, Steven Gerrard, Alessandro Del Piero, Quavo and Joel Embiid etc etc etc. Phew... now we're going off for a lie-down.

Adbrands Weekly Update 6th Sep 2018: Ads Of The Week: "Bohemian Rhapsody". After last year's disappointingly weak Christmas ad, John Lewis comes thundering back to full form - and so does agency Adam&Eve DDB after a few less impressive offerings - with a spectacular musical version of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The reason is the launch of the John Lewis Partnership's revamped brand identity, in which department store John Lewis and supermarket Waitrose have adopted a shared "& Partners" tag to reflect the fact the business is actually owned by its staff - known internally as "partners". Yes, well that's the reason, but the ad far transcends such matters, as an ordinary school concert is transformed with some wholly brilliant staging. It's the best Christmas ad John Lewis never made; and no doubt will inspire numerous head teachers to try something similarly ambitious for 2018's end of year concert...

Adbrands Social Media 13th Aug 2018: Earlier this year, British bank Halifax moved on from splicing old Hanna-Barbera TV cartoons into its ads with a raid on the classic movie archives. The Wizard of Oz was the first film adulterated by Adam&Eve DDB to promote Halifax financial services. Now another family favourite - Ghostbusters -undergoes similar treatment. The digital wizardry required to combine new footage with scenes from the movie must already be hard enough. Even tougher was the airbrushing necessary to remove Bill Murray from the resulting film. Unlike Dan Aykroyd and the heirs of the late Harold Ramis, Murray was clearly unwilling to have his likeness co-opted. Who you gonna call? Bill Murray's lawyers probably. 

Adbrands Social Media 1st Aug 2018: Just over a week to go till the start of the new Premier League season! With the glories of the World Cup fresh in the public memory, Sky kicks off its recruitment drive for its unrivalled coverage of the season ahead with this fun spot from Adam&Eve DDB. Come on England (and Scotland and Wales and everywhere else)! Get on the phone and sign up for your subscription! The only downside, we'd argue, is the quality of the presenters. As the ad itself reminds us in its final frames, Chris Kamara - bless him! - is no match for the BBC's Gary Lineker.  

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