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WCRS is a highly regarded full service agency, based in London. Until 2004, it was part of the Havas-owned Arnold Worldwide network. The agency's management team bought back their independence that year, and WCRS added to its resources with the acquisition of a string of marketing services companies involved in interactive, branded content, sponsorship and direct marketing. Parent group Engine was created as the umbrella for these different units, and now operates as a broadly integrated group offering a complete range of interlinked marketing services. This expansion has revived memories of WCRS's early history. For a while, in the late 1980s, the agency aspired to become one of the world's largest marketing groups. The WCRS international network was later split out to form what is now the entirely separate media services business Carat. In 2014, US private equity investor Lake Capital acquired Engine Group, with a view to building up a new middle-tier marketing services holding company. There have been several restructurings of the collection of satellite businesses in recent years. One of the cornerstone units is CRM agency Partners Andrews Aldridge. More recent additions include creative and digital agencies Deep Focus and Trailer Park, and PR and activation units Slice, Mischief and MHP. Nielsen (in Campaign) estimated billings of £222m in 2017. UK corporate entity Engine Acquisition Ltd reported billings of £113m in 2016, revenues of £89m but a net loss of £3.1m. Lake Capital's Terry Graunke is chairman of Engine Group. Paul Caine is group executive director and UK chairman. Matt Edwards is CEO of WCRS.

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Adbrands Social Media 30th Aug 2018: "Spider". We'll let you know right now that arachnophobes would be best advised not to watch this superb new film from WCRS for the Royal Marines Commandos. It appears to be part of a series - the first, 'The Mist', came out a week ago - celebrating the courage and focus required from those who serve in one of the British military's most celebrated elite units. It's a clever strategy, offering viewers both a warning and a challenge: "Do you think *you're* tough enough to be a Royal Marine Commando?" Both ads were apparently shot in real jungle locations and feature serving soldiers. The spider, though, we're not so sure about...

Adbrands Social Media 8th May 2018: The latest from WCRS for Sky Mobile is stuffed full of nice little CGI stunts; it couldn't be more different from its predecessors, which just had actor Tom Hardy down the local caff with nothing more spectacular than a nice cuppa. Was it just that all the cash that might have been spent on effects was simply used to secure our Tom? Clearly not, since WCRS has upped the stakes again here by signing up another actor who doesn't generally do ordinary ads. So now we have special effects AND everyone's favourite English princess Lily James. It's all very nice to watch, but I can't say it had me rushing to sign up to Sky Mobile. 

Adbrands on Social Media 13th Mar 2018: "Heat From Thin Air". Some clever digital effects combine with clever heating technology in this entertaining spot from WCRS and Engine Group for utilities company e.On. That's actually the famous Montjuic Olympic pool in Barcelona - it's rare for it to appear in an ad without its celebrated diving board and the views over the city - doubling in for the city's streets filled with water. Actually less digital work was needed than you'd think - they actually built those stone frontages along the side of the pool. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 8th Feb 2018: Debbie Klein, head of WCRS parent Engine Group in Europe and Asia, has jumped the tracks to take up a newly created position at long-time client Sky, the satellite broadcaster currently controlled by 21st Century Fox but soon expected to become a unit of Walt Disney. Klein has been named as group chief marketing & corporate affairs officer. No date has yet been set for her departure; she will stay at Engine until her successor has been chosen.

Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Oct 2017: Ads Of The Week: "Pride & Breadjudice". Forget Sylvester Stallone, forget the Muppets; WCRS tops both its previous campaigns for British baker Warburtons with this really rather wonderful epic starring beloved local comedian Peter Kay. It's not just that it's funnier than its predecessors, but Bolton-born Kay is the perfect fit with Warburtons cherished Northern heritage, far more suitable than those previous US imports. Even international viewers unfamiliar with Kay's lad-next-door charms will be won over by the multiple gags in this brilliantly conceived Jane Austen-inflected parody. Just great.

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