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Few agencies have fallen so far and so fast as Fallon London and lived to tell the tale (for now at least). Over the course of the past decade, Fallon London's billings, as estimated by Nielsen (in Campaign), have tumbled from a high of £206m in 2009 to under £16m for 2018. Reported revenues for the corporate entity Fallon London Ltd were just £3m in 2018 (from £58m in 2008). The UK outpost of Publicis-owned Fallon Worldwide, enjoyed spectacular success for much of the 2000s, earning global acclaim with ads for Cadbury's (including 'Gorilla' and 'Eyebrows'), Sony ('Balls', 'Paint' and others) and Skoda. Performance peaked in 2009, when Fallon London was crowned as the UK's #3 agency by billings. However, the departure of major clients such as Asda and Sony, as well as several senior managers, caused billings to plunge after 2010. Despite the best efforts of a new management team, Fallon has been unable to recoup its losses, although the rate of client defection has eased a little, it hasn't stopped. Its last major cornerstone client, Skoda, moved on in 2018. For several years, the agency operated as a satellite of Saatchi & Saatchi London, but a change of strategy saw it realigned at the end of 2017 with another Publicis-owned network, Leo Burnett. Charlie Rudd was recruited from Ogilvy in 2019 to become CEO of both Leo Burnett and Fallon London. Joao Paulo Testa is creative director for Fallon London.

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Adbrands Daily Update 18th Jun 2021: "Robots". You might be surprised to find that Fallon London is still going, so precipitous has been its decline since the 1990s, and so rare its creative output... Though not as surprised, perhaps, as the lady who finds twin baby robots abandoned on her doorstep one morning. Let's not even think about the hows and whys of this set-up, and the 60 seconds that follow - how robots grow, for example - because the resulting spot for long-time client Skoda is an absolute charmer, proving there's life yet in this one-time star agency. This is a fine example of a completely off-the-wall concept that actually works brilliantly. Welcome back, Fallon London, we're glad you're still turning out hits. Well done Skoda too for keeping faith with the agency that arguably first put you on the map here in the UK.

Adbrands Weekly Update 12th Oct 2017: It's been an extraordinary week of musical chairs across London agencies. Y&R London chief executive Jon Sharpe is moving across to sister agency VML to head up a newly created VML Europe division. His place will be taken at Y&R by Paul Lawson, chief executive of Leo Burnett London since 2011. Burnett parent Publicis Groupe responded with the appointment of Gareth Collins, current leader of Fallon London, as chief executive of both agencies. At the same time, Fallon London will be re-aligned with Leo Burnett instead of current partner Saatchi & Saatchi, and will move into Burnett's West London offices later this year. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Jun 2017: Publicis Groupe may have captured the conversation at Cannes with the launch of Marcel and its year-long sabbatical from awards events, but it hasn't yet halted the steady drop of account defections. Following a review of global creative for its Cadbury'smasterbrand, Mondelez has transferred that account out of Fallon and Saatchi & Saatchi into a new split between VCCP and the Ogilvy network. VCCP will take over the brand in its biggest market, the UK & Ireland, with Ogilvy replacing Saatchi in Australia. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Jun 2014: Fallon was awarded pan-European creative duties for Volkswagen's Skoda brand, and will open a new office in Prague to coordinate the account. Incumbent Leagas Delaney retains the business in Germany. 

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