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Ford celebrated its centenary in the UK in 2011 and has been the country's top-selling car brand for 44 years. For much of that period Britain also served as the headquarters for Ford Motor Company's European business, but this was transferred to Germany in 1998. Even so, Britain has been traditionally Ford's biggest European market by far, and the global #3 after the US and China. All that changed in 2020, when UK sales plunged by almost half, falling behind both Germany and Canada. Ford reported wholesale volumes of just 208k vehicles (compared to 387k two years earlier). Europe has also long been one of the group's most troubled regions financially, and Ford has announced a series of measures since 1999 designed to cut costs and boost profitability. These included the winding down of car production at its historic Dagenham factory. Almost all models are now imported from Europe. Sales plunged in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, with passenger cars down 35% to 153k, but Ford remained the local leader. The Fiesta replaced the Focus as the UK's best-selling car for first time in 2009, and has retained its leadership ever since, though volumes have dipped sharply in recent years. The total for 2020 was just 49.2k, down almost 40% on the year before. The Focus ranked 4th with 39k units, while Puma was #9 at 26k. The Ford Transit has been the best-selling model in the medium commercial vehicle segment every year since 1965, and accounts for almost all the company's LCV sales. The UK-based Ford Motor Company Ltd reported revenues of £13.0bn in 2019 and net profit of £293m. Just under half of revenues came from the UK and the remainder from other European markets. Declared advertising expense was £122m. Lisa Brankin was appointed as managing director of Ford of Britain in 2020. See also main Ford Motor Company profile.

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Adbrands Daily Update 22nd Mar 2021: "Heartbeat". A B2B campaign for Ford's fleet monitoring technology is hardly the most exciting of briefs, but AMV BBDO has worked wonders with a challenging assigment. The results are spectacular and oddly hypnotic, offering a Ford Transit-powered delivery network as the visual metaphor for the beating heart of the national economy. There's some fantastic but invisible CGI behind the flawless synchronised balletics of these vehicular red blood cells. Star director Nicolai Fuglsig helmed the spot, which was apparently filmed in the outskirts of Madrid after weeks of practice choreography using toy vans. Mint Royale delivered the pulsating electronic soundtrack.

Adbrands Social Media 3rd July 2018: Ford rages against the dying of the light in this rousing spot from WPP's GTB agency, underpinned by Dylan Thomas's classic verse. There's some sort of strange masochistic pleasure to be gained from seeing workaday frustrations illustrated, and especially when they're then erased by the joys of driving at speed. It's not the first time we've seen this concept, but the poetic counterpoint adds new force and depth. 

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