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Havas Helia is the main data analytics and CRM division of Havas UK and Havas USA. It is the new name for what was previously Havas EHS in the UK (and before that EHS 4D or EHS Brann), and US-based Havas Discovery. The 2015 rebranding was the latest transformation in the development of the business from what was originally Brann Worldwide, a sleepy regional marketing communications agency which grew unexpectedly into a major global network during the 1990s before being gradually dismantled by new parent Havas. In its current form, Havas Helia is primarily a data analytics-driven agency, though it also offers other CRM services. The unit is gradually being absorbed into the main consolidated Havas organisation, prompting a steady exodus of senior leaders. Havas Helia UK CEO Tash Whitmey resigned at the end of 2017 to join cornerstone client Tesco, and the agency now reports directly to Havas UK CEO Xavier Rees. The agency also houses direct response media agency All Response Media. The US outpost of Havas Helia operates entirely separately within the local Havas structure. There are four offices in New York, Chicago, Baltimore and Richmond VA. Michael Kaushanksky is president of Havas Helia US and chief data officer for Havas Group USA.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Update:

Adbrands Weekly Update 23rd November 2017: Tesco raided UK CRM agency Havas Helia to poach its six-year CEO Tash Whitmey to become loyalty & membership director, overseeing the supermarket's mammoth Clubcard programme. Under its previous name of Evans Hunt Scott, Havas Helia was the launch agency for Tesco Clubcard in 1995, and has worked on that business ever since.

Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Jan 2015: There were a number of new developments at Havas Worldwide. Perhaps the most significant was the launch of a new global data analytics & digital network under the banner name Helia. The new business opens in the US, UK and China, with the rebranding of the outposts currently trading as Havas EHS and Havas Discovery. It will be jointly run by Havas EHS's CEO Tash Whitmey, COO Matt Fanshawe and Havas Worldwide Chicago's Paul Marobella. 

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