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Leo Burnett London is the US advertising network's biggest international office, and now one of the UK's leading agencies. It is particularly good at delivering a distinctly British twist to creative work for network clients such as McDonald's or Kellogg. Burnett generally maintains a modest low profile, avoiding controversy or showiness, and the agency has delivered generally sound performance since 2007 on behalf of a comparatively small pool of high-spending but conservative clients. This recent stability followed several years of mercurial performance, exacerbated by management upheavals and a major change of location.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 6th Jul 2017: Leo Burnett regained a position on the US McDonald's creative roster with the capture of the fast-feeder's $100m global McDelivery account, promoting its partnership with Uber for home delivery. Leo's London office will manage creative for the service, recently launched in the US and UK after several years of successful operation in urban centres in India and the Middle East. After years on the main McDonald's USA account, Leo Burnett lost the business last year to DDB's dedicated We Are Unlimited agency. It continues to lead the main restaurant account in several countries including the UK.

Adbrands Weekly Update 18th May 2017: It's comparatively unusual for one ad to be banned or withdrawn in a week, let alone three. In the US, a grotesque Mother's Day spot by DDB Chicago for Mars-owned Skittles, was voluntarily withdrawn after provoking a sizeable backlash in social media for its poor taste.In the UK. McDonald's and Leo Burnett London pulled a rather more heartfelt mother and son spot in which a boy asks his mother about his deceased father, hoping to find similarities between them. In most ways, though, it seems he is completely different, apart from their shared love of the Fillet-O-Fish burger. (And almost no one in their right mind loves that monstrosity). It had attracted considerable comment online for exploiting bereavement for commercial purposes. More dramatic perhaps was the ASA decision to actually ban Grey London's ad campaign for Volvo's Life Paint, a double Cannes Grand Prix winner in 2015. The spray paint makes clothing reflective in car headlights, but the ad suggested that it had a similar effect on the frame of bicycles. In fact, a different product was used on the bike shown in the ad.

Adbrands Weekly Update 23rd Feb 2017: Ads Of The Week: "Designer Coffee". Let's start this week with a hilariously accurate skewering of upscale coffee shops from Leo Burnett London for McDonald's. We love posh coffee ourselves, but you can't deny that the whole barista thing has got just a little out of control. McDonald's aim to tear all that down, and in all honesty we have to admit their coffee is really rather good. Only problem is drinking it through the mask we have to wear so none of our hipster friends see us in there buying it... 

Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Nov 2016: Ads Of The Week: "The Doll". We said last week that we wouldn't be featuring any further seasonal ads, but (with apologies to Michael Corleone), just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in... We don't remember McDonald's running a Christmas special in the UK before, but that seasonal ad fever has clearly spread to the Golden Arches too. Leo Burnett London's spots for the fast feeder are always among their best work, and this time they've knocked one out of the park. It's lovely; far more subtle and emotionally delicate than you might expect from McDonald's usual blokey-jokey, man-in-the-street campaigns. Juliette is a charming creation; though what she sees in Meteor Mike, we have no idea...

Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Dec 2015: Ads of the Week: "Ice". Leo Burnett London joins in the seasonal fun with what may be their swansong for Co-Op Food Stores - the account is under review. This excellent but low-key ad fully embraces the chain's down-home community roots. Once again, UK oldies are on the receiving end of some Yuletide munificence. It's a commendable concept, executed without sentimentality (and that's a big relief at this otherwise heartstring-twanging time of year).

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