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MullenLowe Group - as the former Lowe & Partners was renamed in 2015 - is the smallest of three global advertising networks within marketing giant Interpublic. Lowe has been the subject of a string of restructurings in recent years in an attempt to bolster chronically patchy performance. Despite often brilliant creative work, Lowe has traditionally had difficulty in the past hanging onto key global clients other than its longtime partner Unilever. The network's troubles arguably began in late 1999 when the original Lowe & Partners agency merged with ailing stablemate Ammirati Puris Lintas to form Lowe Lintas. That move was designed to enhance the respective strengths of two agencies which had hitherto lagged some way behind big sister McCann Erickson, but the Lintas name continued drag the agency down and it was finally phased out in 2001. Other realignments followed, often with limited noticeable improvement. Lowe's New York outpost was folded in 2009 into Interpublic stablemate Deutsch, which became the North American arm of the worldwide network. The struggling London office merged the following year with indie DLKW to form DLKW Lowe. Though these measures appeared finally to have returned greater stability to the network, there was another reshuffle in 2013 when Campbell Ewald replaced Deutsch as its US representative; then again two years later when Campbell Ewald was replaced by Mullen to create MullenLowe. Digital network Profero was acquired in 2014, as well as German agency GGH. Mullen's Alex Lekikh was appointed as global CEO in 2015. Creative output is supervised by a council comprising the creative heads from local outposts, led by Jose Miguel Sokoloff. AdAge estimated global revenues of $338m in 2020, including $115m in the US. Despite several decades of merger with different agencies, heritage Lowe client Unilever remains one of the network's biggest globally, especially in emerging markets. MullenLowe also operates its own global media brand, Mediahub, which operates separately from Interpublic's main UM and Initiative networks. AdAge estimated revenues of $128m. John Moore is CEO.

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Adbrands Daily Update 2nd Jun 2021: Interpublic announced plans to sell majority control of 303 MullenLowe to New Zealand marketing group Attivo. It will also sell Attivo a minority stake in the Asia Pacific operations of MullenLowe's Mediahub media agency. Both agencies will continue to operate as part of their resepctive global networks. Interpublic previously sold full ownership of McCann Australia to local partner Hero Corp. Several other regional offices of Interpublic agencies are also operated or controlled by local partners or licensees.

Adbrands Daily Update 2nd Jun 2021: "Sumo". The Tokyo Olympics are set to go ahead despite fierce opposition at home on health grounds. There's just too much at stake to call the whole thing off. International broadcasters have begun launching their own promotional trailers as well, and one of the best to-date is this lovely film from MullenLowe Paris for France TV Sport. It's impossible to resist, isn't it: a respectful pastiche of Hokusai and other classical Japanese printmakers, adapted for different sports. When he died in 1849, Hokusai could never have imagined he would become one of the world's best-known artists and his 'Great Wave' woodcut one of the most famous paintings of the 19th century.

Adbrands Daily Update 20th Nov 2019: Another week, another account loss for Wunderman Thompson. Following on from the loss of its biggest Johnson & Johnson US consumer healthcare clients a month ago, the agency also bids farewell to the rather larger contingent of similar brands in the Bayer portfolio, and on a global basis too. Brands including Berocca, Canesten, Redoxon, Rennie and Supradyn are all moving to Mullen Lowe, who will now share responsibility for the full global portfolio with BBDO.

Adbrands Social Media 16th Apr 2019: "To Every Insect I've Killed Before". This hilariously oddball campaign from MullenLowe Bangkok for local insecticide Chaindrite has everything we've come to expect from Thailand's unique style of advertising. Above all, there's that combination of the surreal and the sentimental, topped off with the country's distinctively abrasive demeanour. And some people say New Yorkers have a reputation for being rude to one another! They clearly haven't met a Thai in a temper. (Credit to comedy site for the subtitled version).

Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Jun 2018: Cannes Lions 2018: And so Cannes Lions 2018 draws to a close. Colombia's rural population was the beneficiary of the winner of the Grand Prix in Innovation, awarded to the country's Ministry of Communication & Information and MullenLowe SSP3 for the brilliantly clever 'My Line' service, powered by Google. This brings the power of the internet to the whole half of the country where there is no internet or 4G service. My Line is a traditional landline telephone number. Users who require information can call the number and ask their question. This is instantly relayed to the Google Assistant AI app, which finds the answer and speaks it back to them over the phone.

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