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Unilever's Magnum advertising & marketing assignments

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Selected Magnum advertising

Magnum is the world's best-selling ice cream brand, and the global jewel in the crown of Unilever Ice Cream. It is #1 in most of the 100 or so markets in which it is available, and the clear leader across Europe. Euromonitor estimated global sales of Magnum at $3.8bn in 2020, with volumes of well over 1bn units a year. The global ice cream sector became increasingly competitive after 2000, as a result of Nestlé's push to expand its global presence in ice cream through a series of acquisitions. Unilever has sought to maintain its edge in most markets by positioning Magnum as an affordable luxury treat for adults (though of course enjoyed just as widely by younger consumers). Nestlé responded with its own competitor under the Mega name, prompting Unilever to emphasize its dominance with a string of often highly imaginative flavour combinations or limited edition promotions. With Magnum, Unilever remains the foremost innovator in the impulse segment, responsible almost single-handedly for pushing forward the boundaries of what variety of extravagant confectionery blends can be successfully packaged as an ice cream stick. In 2019, the company began testing its a dairy-free vegan Magnum in smaller selected markets including New Zealand and Sweden, and has gradually rolled this out globally. One of the few major markets where Magnum had not had a presence until recently was the US, where Unilever put its resources behind its already established, and lower-priced, Klondike and Good Humor brands instead. However, the profile of the premium ice cream sector in the US has changed in recent years, partly as a result of the popularity of Nestle's Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars. As a result, Magnum launched in the US for the first time in 2011. More recently the brand has been expanded into take-home ice cream cartons - which also feature an innovative chocolate coating - as well as individual Mini treats. Julien Barraux is global brand VP for Magnum within Unilever, and also for sister product Fruttare. Ben Curtis is global brand director for Magnum.

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