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The Marketing Store is a global marketing services agency specializing in "customer engagement", primarily sales promotion and field marketing. It is perhaps most widely known for its long-running global Monopoly and Happy Meal promotions for cornerstone client McDonald's, but also offers a full range of in-store and experiential promotional services, as well as social media, branded content, and design via separately branded subsidiary Boxer. The agency has dedicated offices in several countries and representation in many more through parent company Havi Group, a privately held conglomerate whose main business is to supply logistics, packaging, distribution, even baked goods and other services to McDonald's restaurants in more than 33 countries worldwide, as well as other clients, mainly in the foodservice industry. Mark Landolt is president of The Marketing Store. Though now headquartered in Chicago, the business was originally founded in the UK in 1985 by Graham Kemp, formerly marketing chief at regional supermarket chain Fine Fare. By mid-decade it was Britain's biggest independent sales promotion agency. Kemp came close to selling to Omnicom, but instead chose to merge in 1998 with M-B Sales, by then the in-store marketing division of McDonalds' logistics supplier Havi. Kemp departed the agency in 2007. Havi was itself founded in 1974 by Theodore Perlman and Bob Rocque, originally as Perlman-Rocque, to manage supply chain operations for McDonald's in Chicago. It became Havi Corporation two years later (the name was derived from their wives' first names, Harriette and Vivian). Bob Rocque left the company in 1986; Perlman ran the business until 2014 when it was acquired by its management team led by Russ Smyth, now chairman. Frank Havndal became CEO in 2020.

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