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The second agency founded by what are still the world's most famous admen, M&C Saatchi has built up a strong position for itself since formation in 1995, after Maurice and Charles Saatchi were ousted from their first agency Saatchi & Saatchi in a bitter boardroom row. Since then, M&C has risen to become one of the UK's foremost agencies, overtaking the original Saatchi business in domestic billings, and gradually establishing a global network which now stretches across 25 countries. Much of this expansion has been achieved organically organically or through local partnerships. The group has a particularly strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, considerably less so in the Americas. However, the performance of individual agencies has often been stormy. The Australian office has been rocked since 2012 by a succession of big losses and big gains. More serious still was the loss of M&C's two biggest UK accounts in quick succession in early 2014, followed by an ill-conceived overhaul of local management.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Weekly Update:

Adbrands Social Media 7th Feb 2019: "Where Everyone Plays". To support Coca-Cola's new portfolio-wide sponsorship of the English Premier League, M&C Saatchi delivers this warm-hearted tribute to all the fans who help to make the game what it is. It's Coke's first portfolio sponsorship in the UK, covering not just the flagship brand but Sprite, Fanta and all the rest. The ad's a charmer, an engaging blend of fan portraits filmed straight combined with some offbeat, even surreal touches. For example, why exactly is that piece of battered cod seemingly possessed by media pundit Jermaine Jenas? And how about the scarf-wearing snail? But our favourite bit is the hardcore Hammers: "We're West Ham. We ain't singing."

Adbrands Social Media 24th Jan 2019: "NHS 111".  I think we've all been in this situation at one time or another. M&C Saatchi's first campaign for the NHS is this comedy promo for phone support service 111 which aims to take some of the pressure off accident & emergency departments and GP practices. If you've ever used it yourself, you probably know it works quite efficiently. M&C give human form to all those competing voices in your head that can't decide if that odd feeling you have is nothing at all or something really serious.

Adbrands Social Media 22nd Jan 2019: "The Move". Not sure about that new slogan "We are what we do"; surely one of the most meaningless sentences of all time. But the new ad for NatWest from M&C Saatchi is rather good. British banking ads always tread a fine line between trying to be profound (like Lloyds) or too corny (like Santander). But this campaign strikes a nice balance with some good gags but not so many that it comes across as too flippant. NatWest has long positioned itself as the "friendly" bank and M&C's work does an excellent job of conveying that message. Anyone who's ever moved house will be more than familiar with these vignettes. I'm not sure how big a benefit it is to be able to sign the paperwork online, but perhaps with NatWest's remaining branches now almost as hard to find as a needle in a haystack, it's probably an increasingly important offer.

Adbrands Weekly Update 22nd Nov 2018: M&C Saatchi has acquired a minority stake in New York creative agency Technology, Humans & Taste (or THaT). The shop offers non-traditional communications consultancy services, including 'Creative Dim Sum' strategic workshops in a dinner party setting that pair experts from different fields with professional creatives and brand executives to inspire collaboration. M&C already operates in New York through local agency SS+K in which it has a majority shareholding.

Adbrands Weekly Update 30th Aug 2018: Ads of the Week "Above & Beyond". M&C Saatchi's Stockholm outpost is behind this stunning film for local telecoms company Com Hem. Sit back and strap in for a superbly cinematic thrill-ride as our youthful protagonist lets slip the boundaries of Earth to voyage into the atmosphere. It's a spectacular journey, with popcorn unexpectedly provided... Another excellent example of comic bathos strategically deployed for maximum effect. 

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