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MullenLowe London adopted its current name at the beginning of 2016, following the merger the previous year of the global Lowe & Partners network with US agency Mullen. It is the most recent of a series of restructurings over the firm's 45-year history. Previously, the London agency had spent five years as DLKW Lowe, the product of an earlier combination of highly regarded independent Delaney Lund Knox Warren with the local Lowe outpost. Once one of the UK's top agencies, Lowe London wrestled with a string of disastrous account losses at the end of the 1990s. During that same period, independent agency DLKW expanded in exactly the opposite direction, finally becoming one the UK's top ten agencies for the first time in 2009. By then, though, DLKW's directors had agreed a deal to sell out to fast-expanding UK marketing group Creston. It was all change again in 2010, when Interpublic agreed to acquire DLKW from Creston and merge it with Lowe London. However, only a little of DLKW's magic rubbed off on Lowe, and after a brief honeymoon period, the new DLKW Lowe also steadily wilted. The 2016 rebranding was yet another attempt to curb that decline. So too was the acquisition and absorption of yet another London indie, 101, in 2017. However, while creative output remains generally very strong, MullenLowe remains in the lower echelons of the UK rankings. Nielsen (in Campaign) estimated billings of £64m in 2018, placing the agency at #23 nationally. Jeremy Hine is CEO; Ewan Patterson joined in 2020 as chief creative officer. Jose Miguel Sokoloff is global chief creative officer. The main agency is accompanied by a collection of satellite units: activation agency MullenLowe Open, digital agency MullenLowe Profero, media arm Mediahub and PR division MullenLowe Salt. Corporate parent MullenLowe Group reported turnover of £35.8m in 2018 and a net profit of £0.3m. MullenLowe London reported revenue of £31.6m and a net loss of £1.3m.

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Adbrands Daily Update 22nd Feb 2021: "Eativists". The vegan revolution rolls onward. MullenLowe's likeable new global campaign for the Unilever-owned culinary brand Knorr puts vegetables and pulses to the absolute forefront. Meat gets a brief namecheck ("Eat less of it") but otherwise doesn't even get a look-in. How things have changed in just a few years. "We developed the campaign to help people to realise that what they eat has the power to change the world for the better," says global brand VP April Redmond. "Our ambition is to make eating a wider variety of foods that are better for us and the planet taste great and easy to cook up. We aim to get food that is good for people and the planet on seven billion plates by 2025."

Adbrands Daily Update 7th Apr 2020: "Mindblowingly Light". Even in lockdown, new ads are getting made, or at least released. No doubt MullenLowe London's charming fantasy for underwear manufacturer Sloggi was filmed more a month or two ago before spending weeks more in post-production. It's a delicious confection, just the ticket in these difficult times. The UK postal services will be shifting a ton by mail order presumably, since there are no shops to buy them in any more. The ad demonstrates, too, MullenLowe's versatility: their ability to switch seamlessly from fluffy delights like this to those gritty and hard-hitting 'Stay Home' spots celebrating the wonders of the NHS and all its workers. Oh, how we all pine for those carefree times when ads like this were the norm and not the exception!

Adbrands Daily Update 4th Mar 2020: "From Bowl To Soul". MullenLowe London and Japanese-themed restaurant chain Wagamama are back with another anime-style ad. It's the eatery's first major campaign for almost two years and its even more exquisitely detailed than its predecessor. This time, animators par excellence Passion Pictures go the full Miyazaki under Danish director Mads Broni. We've said it before: the Wagamama experience as depicted here doesn't quite match the reality, at least in so far as we've experienced it, but who cares when the results are as gorgeous as this.

Adbrands Daily Update 7th Jan 2020: "Drive Safe". If you're a sheep, it's probably fair to say, life is really pretty mundane. There aren't many major incidents to recall when you find it all flashing before your eyes at the point of your imminent extinction. Just about enough for a 30-second commercial; definitely not the full 60. But it's still life; your life. That's the underlying premise of this entertaining spot from MullenLowe London for Subaru, highlighting the company's automatic object detection braking system. Features a fine performance from the sheep.

Adbrands Social Media 20th Mar 2019: "Boy". Ten-year-old Mickey Pickles is a superb frontman for MullenLowe London's fine campaign for the British Heart Foundation, which aims to show that problems with your heart manifest themselves in other ways too. Heart disease also contributes to health issues including diabetes and dementia. What a natural star Mickey is! And he knows whereof he speaks, as is demonstrated by that fine scar running down his chest, the legacy of a heart operation when he was a baby. (Non-British viewers might need to play this a couple of times to acclimatise to Mickey's chirpy Northern accent).

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