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NatWest is the main retail banking division in England and Wales of what is now NatWest Group, but was previously RBS Group. (The group offers retail banking in Scotland and Northern Ireland as Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank respectively). NatWest is the UK market leader in small and medium enterprise banking with around 25% share, as well as in student accounts. It offers a broad range of loan, mortgage, insurance and pension-related products alongside more traditional banking services. One of its fastest-growing services in recent years has been mortgages, with combined mortgages outstanding of £163bn by the end of 2020, including £3bn's worth of mortgages acquired from Metro Bank at the end of the year. RBS as a whole was the country's 4th biggest mortgage lender with 13% market share. The bank likes to position itself as being the most customer-conscious of the main retail banking brands, and marketed itself under a succession of different slogans highlighting this fact, including "Another Way" from 2001, "Helpful Banking" in 2010 and "Fairer Banking" in 2015. In support of this customer-friendly position, it had traditionally maintained the country's largest retail banking network. However, the group was ordered by EU regulators to sell more than 300 branches and their customers to reduce its competitive position following the government bailout of RBS. The bank struggled to find an alternative buyer, and the branches - the so-called Williams & Glyn estate - have now been mostly shuttered and their customers transferred to rival banks. Many more branches have been closed as a result of the growing popularity of online and mobile banking. The group no longer reports separate figures for the NatWest brand. However revenues for the group's combined UK retail banking businesses, comprising NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland, were £4.4bn in 2021, with operating profit of £2.0bn. David Lindberg is CEO of retail banking at NatWest Group, overseeing NatWest and also the Royal Bank of Scotland in Scotland.

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Adbrands Social Media 22nd Jan 2019: "The Move". Not sure about that new slogan "We are what we do"; surely one of the most meaningless sentences of all time. But the new ad for NatWest from M&C Saatchi is rather good. British banking ads always tread a fine line between trying to be profound (like Lloyds) or too corny (like Santander). But this campaign strikes a nice balance with some good gags but not so many that it comes across as too flippant. NatWest has long positioned itself as the "friendly" bank and M&C's work does an excellent job of conveying that message. Anyone who's ever moved house will be more than familiar with these vignettes. I'm not sure how big a benefit it is to be able to sign the paperwork online, but perhaps with NatWest's remaining branches now almost as hard to find as a needle in a haystack, it's probably an increasingly important offer.

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