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The UK is Nestlé's 6th biggest market worldwide after the US, China, France, Brazil and Mexico, with total declared local sales of approx £2.3bn in 2019. Though it operates across multiple segments, the business is built primarily around five pillars of coffee, confectionery, cereals, mineral water and petfood, and its presence outside those segments is comparatively limited. For example, culinary brand Maggi - huge in many other international markets - has only a marginal presence in the UK and Nestlé has no presence in frozen foods in the UK. The local portfolio is now composed mainly of global brands, or of British brands (such as Kit Kat and Smarties confectionery or Felix cat food) which originated here but are now global. A collection of local jewels acquired in previous years have now mostly been sold off. (The majority were sold to Premier Foods as part of the Crosse & Blackwell group). Among the few remaining UK-only brands are the group's top-selling mineral water Buxton, infant nutrition brand SMA and Baker's Complete dog food. Several local subsidiaries are joint ventures. Nestlé-brand cereals are marketed by Cereal Partners, a joint venture with General Mills which is managed locally by Nestlé, while chilled dairy products including Munch Bunch yoghurts are controlled locally by Lactalis through another JV. Nestlé ice creams are marketed by the global Froneri JV in which Nestlé has a minority stake. According to Nielsen estimates for 2019 (in The Grocer ye Sept 2019), Nescafé was the company's biggest-selling brand in supermarket channels with sales of £390m. It was supported by Felix (£243m), Kit Kat (£184m combined from confectionery and biscuits), Buxton (£93m), Gourmet (£88m), Quality Street (£84m), Rowntree's (£79m), Bakers (£73m), Milky Bar (£70m), Pure Life (£67m), Dolce Gusto (£56m), SMA (£56m), Aero (£63m), Smarties (£54m) Go-Cat (£45m), Shreddies (£44m) and Cheerios (£43m). Stefano Agostini is UK CEO.

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