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So who makes best-selling laundry detergent Persil? Unilever. No, Henkel. No, both of them, actually. The answer depends on where you live. The biggest household marketers in the UK and Germany actually split ownership of the trademark between them. Unilever controls the brandname in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand, while Henkel has it almost everywhere else, including the US where it was officially launched for the first time in 2015. Unilever markets the Persil formula in most of these other markets as Omo. Neither company particularly relishes the split ownership but occasional attempts by either one to buy out the other have regularly led to a polite but firm refusal. But at least both are united in their opposition to US giant Procter & Gamble.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Jun 2017: Unilever unveiled what it claims is the biggest innovation in laundry technology for more than a decade in the form of Powergems, lentil-shaped crystals which are said to be twice as concentrated as existing powders or liquids and more effective than capsules at cleaning. The technology is being launched first in the UK under the Persil banner, and if successful will be rolled out globally to other brands under Unilever's "Dirt is Good" umbrella.

Adbrands Weekly Update 19th Mar 2015: P&G's all-conquering Tide laundry detergent has a new competitor in the US. Persil is a familiar brand in Europe, where it is marketed by Unilever (in the UK and France) and by Henkel (in Germany and most other countries). Now, under the name Persil Proclean, it has arrived in the US in an exclusive partnership between Henkel and local retail behemoth Walmart, which is positioning the brand as a premium-priced competitor to Tide. That move is designed at least in part to redress the balance of power between the retailer and P&G, whose products otherwise dominate the laundry sector with as much as 60% market share. By providing a viable alternative, Walmart can regain some negotiating power with P&G over pricing and promotions.

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