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The Red Brick Road (or TRBR) is the typically unconventional name that was given to the creative agency launched in January 2006 by Sir Frank Lowe following expiry of a two-year non-compete agreement with his former employer, the Interpublic-owned Lowe & Partners network. Within a matter of weeks, the new agency had poached Lowe London's flagship client, supermarket giant Tesco. Although Lowe himself later retired from the agency, Tesco remained its biggest account by far until the beginning of 2012. In Spring that year, following a tough year's trading, the retailer announced a review of the business. TRBR decided to resign the account rather than repitch. There was a complete overhaul of management later the same year, as TRBR's founding directors handed over the business, now very much smaller in size, to a new generation, who have continued to make steady progress ever since, though they finally slipped out of the UK Top 30 ranking in 2018. TRBR is now run and jointly owned by David Miller (CEO), Matt Davies and Richard Megson (executive creative directors) and Ben Mitchell (planning director). Turnover for 2016 was £11.1m with gross profit of £6.4m.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Jan 2017: Ads Of The Week: "The Broadcast". Here's a great spot from The Red Brick Road for Thinkbox. This is the UK trade body operating on behalf of the main commercial broadcasters to promote TV advertising. It does that mainly by advertising on TV and then publishing research to show how memorable those ads were among viewers. You may remember past campaigns featuring adorable mutt Harvey. This is quite a change of style, but an even better gag! 

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