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The new Sony Mobile has a challenge ahead if it is to regain its former glory. It adopted its current name following the buyout in 2012 by Sony of the old Sony Ericsson. That company was formed a decade earlier from the merger of what were then the struggling handset subsidiaries of Sony and Ericsson. Combining Ericsson's technical excellence with Sony's expertise in consumer electronics, after a slow start the business established itself as one of the leaders in its market. A key element was the leverage provided by Sony's consumer branding. That caused sales to soar during 2006 and 2007. After that, however, performance slowed dramatically as the company wrestled with the combination of a general economic slowdown and fierce competition from rival manufacturers, not least the new breed of more sophisticated smartphones. In 2011, Sony agreed terms to buy out Ericsson's share and take full control of the business. It adopted the new name following completion early the following year. However, during 2017 shipments fell to a new low of only 13.5m devices.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Oct 2013: Sony Mobile has scrapped plans to place North American media with MediaCom and will instead consolidate that job into Carat, which also handles media in the region for PlayStation. 

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