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Unilever and Nestle were fierce rivals for the #1 spot in the global ice cream market for many years, passing that crown back and forth several times since the 1990s. However, more recently, Unilever regained the lead and has steadily widened it. It has by far the biggest footprint, with operations in at least 70 countries worldwide, and a much stronger presence than its rival outside North America. Created from the acquisition of a patchwork of local businesses over many years, Unilever Ice Cream operates under numerous different corporate names in different countries, including Wall's, Langnese, Algida, Ola and many others. However all sell the company's international blockbuster products, such as Magnum, Cornetto, Solero and Carte d'Or. The individual regional businesses have also gradually been aligned under the global "heartbrand" umbrella and logo. Premium brand Ben & Jerry's operates as a separate unit. The group has sought to counter the surging popularity of low calorie rivals like Halo Top with its own range of "new age" ice creams like Culture Republick, launched in the US in 2018. Unilever's frozen foods business was sold in 2006, eventually becoming what is now Nomad Foods.

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