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VCCP is a full-service agency based in London, with a growing collection of satellite marketing services units as well as several international outposts. Launched in 2002, it was acquired three years later by what was then the public relations group Chime, and now forms the core of that company's advertising & marketing services division. VCCP is best known for its work for two key clients, mobile operator O2 and insurance comparison website Comparethe, for whom it created the hugely popular brand mascot Aleksandr the Meerkat. Steady expansion and an extraordinary string of further account wins - it has arguably one of the best new business departments in the London industry - catapulted the agency into the UK top ten for the first time in 2011. For 2019, Nielsen (in Campaign) estimated billings of £357m for 2019, putting VCCP among the UK's three biggest agencies, its best-ever position. Corporate entity VCCP Group reported revenues of £158m in 2018, and a net profit of £18.3m. The agency has widened its offering with the addition of several marketing services statelites including VCCPme for CRM, VCCP Kin for content and social media, design unit SomeOne and dedicated inhouse units for media, healthcare and retail. These are linked under the banner of VCCP Partnership. The group took its first steps outside the UK in 2008 with an office in Germany; and then moved beyond Europe for the first time four years later with an outpost in Australia. It acquired San Francisco agency Muh-Tay-sik Hof-fer in 2016. That agency finally adopted an easier name of M/H VCCP towards the end of 2018. By that point the group had seven offices in six countries. Two of the founding partners remain at the head of the company: Charles Vallance as chairman and Adrian Coleman as group CEO. Michael Sugden is UK CEO. Darren Bailes is ECD.

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Adbrands Daily Update 17th Feb 2021: "Wildly. Deliciously. Organic". It's fair to say that VCCP's new campaign for Green & Black's is definitely not your usual chocolate ad. Despite being part of the mammoth Mondelez combine, Green & Black's has been pretty much left alone to plough its own furrow, conceptually at least, since its acquisition by Cadbury 15 long years ago. That really shows in this new approach. VCCP - also Cadbury's agency of course - has brought in star director Kim Gehrig to add real excitement to the brand's already solid organic credentials. You're unlikely to see a more thrilling confectionery commercial any time soon.

Adbrands Daily Update 6th May 2020: "This Doesn't Need to End". Most British ads produced under lockdown have a pretty uniform format: reality-based documentary footage of communities keeping calm and carrying on with the New Normal. Cadbury has jumped onto the same boat in its new campaign from VCCP, and it is at least one of the better entries in field. But does this approach win over consumers? I'm not sure anyone has the answer to that question, but it doesn't work with this particular consumer. Perhaps I'm the exception, but I'd prefer something a little more upbeat than the old wartime Blitz spirit. I already know what lockdown feels like; I don't need to see more of it in my advertising. Still, VCCP's latest Cadbury spot is at least in keeping with its previous work, which replaced Saatchi & Saatchi's and Fallon's high-spirited "Joy" campaigns with a much more downbeat, understated - might we even say depressing - mood that's all about "real people" and "real problems" rather than bouncing balls, drumming bears and dancing eyebrows. Well, no, this style of Cadbury's ad doesn't need to end, but I rather wish it would.

Adbrands Daily Update 2nd Dec 2019: "Hide & Seek". Here's a timely reminder: the next big ad deluge, taking over from the Christmas shopping rush, will be the summer holidays frenzy. Budget airline Easyjet intends making the very most of it with the launch of its own travel agency business, Easyjet Holidays. That provides agency VCCP with a fine reason to tour all of Easyjet's most popular destinations, from Rome to Reykjavik, for this fun game of hide and seek. We imagine it was a complicated and confusing shoot, involving the production team criss-crossing their way across Europe for a succession of micro-second location shoots.

Adbrands Daily Update 29th Oct 2018: "JOMO". Forget the fear of missing out; celebrate the joy of missing out instead. Recent work for Domino's in the UK has been a bit hit and miss, we think. But this latest from VCCP is a definite hit. Now that Domino's has finally accepted being the Official Food of Staying In, rather than all those other non-events, it can settle down to a razor-sharp dissection of all the not-much-fun you could be having if you went out instead. The individual vignettes are spot-on, each the epitome of a crap time out. How much better to indulge in a bit of JOMO.

Adbrands Weekly Update 20th Sep 2018: Ads of the Week: "Imagine". Say what you like about Easyjet for service or reliability (personally we have no complaints by the way) but it's an extraordinary British success story, bigger by far in terms of international passengers carried compared to our traditional flag carrier, the sadly fading British Airways. VCCP's latest for the airline is a lovely dreamy fantasy about the joys of travel, less dynamic perhaps than its equally impressive predecessor (which was powered by The Cult's 'Lil Devil' rocker), but with an even more imaginative array of eye-catching imagery.

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