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VCCP is a full-service agency based in London, with a growing collection of satellite marketing services units as well as subsidiary offices in Europe and Australia. Launched in 2002, it was acquired three years later by public relations group Chime, and now forms the core of that company's advertising & marketing services division. It is best known for its work for two key clients, mobile operator O2 and insurance comparison website Comparethe, for whom it created the hugely popular brand mascot Aleksandr the Meerkat. Steady expansion and a extraordinary string of account wins catapulted the agency into the UK top ten for the first time in 2011. VCCP took its first steps outside Europe at the end of 2012 with the launch of an office in Australia. It acquired San Francisco agency Muh-Tay-sik Hof-fer in 2016.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd Aug 2018: Shell confirmed the results of its global marketing services review, already leaked a couple of weeks ago on an unconfirmed basis. WPP retains the lion's share of the business. However, as had been expected J Walter Thompson will surrender its hold on the downstream business, which covers oils and lubricants as well as the company's global service station network. Most of that business transfers to VCCP - a big victory for the Chime-owned agency, but not a complete disaster for WPP, which still has a minority stake in Chime. JWT retains Shell's corporate branding business; Mediacom retains media; Wunderman gains a larger share of CRM and digital, aided by Geometry and JWT's digital arm Mirum, in a newly created "Agency of the Future" dedicated construct. The biggest non-WPP addition to the roster is Omnicom's Doremus, which will manage B2B marketing. Edelman remains Shell's lead PR agency, but WPP's H&K Strategies joins the roster as well.

Adbrands Weekly Update 28th Jun 2018: Ads of the Week: "Crossing Continents". We're all familiar with parkour by now, but it's still thrilling to watch when done with style. VCCP commissioned parkour team Storror to make a daredevil journey across Istanbul's Bosphorus strait and film the whole thing on-the-fly with Canon's latest generation cameras. The results are spectacular, easily on a par with any new Bond or Bourne movie. How many bruised shins and dislocated shoulders did it these guys endure to attain this level of skill? 

Adbrands on Social Media 7th May 2018: "Mortgage Number One". Poetry can be a tough sell with the British public; verse always threatens to be a bit too high brow for ordinary tastes. Yet VCCP's campaigns for mortgage lender Nationwide have been the exception to the rule, tackling everyday topics with compassion and humour and easily accessible verse. It's made them unusually popular with TV viewers, and as a result, very effective. The latest, featuring poet Jo Bell, takes a slightly different route, delving into Nationwide's own history with the story of its very first mortgage customers, Alfred and Elizabeth Idle of Morrison Street in Battersea in London. By a remarkable coincidence, that house still has a mortgage with Nationwide, 134 years after the Idles bought it.

Adbrands Weekly Update 18th Jan 2018: Ads of the Week: "Mum's Birthday". A new year makes for a complete change of style for Cadbury's Dairy Milk under new agency VCCP. Gone is the surreal and stylised approach the brand has explored for the past decade. Instead, here's the heart-warming tale of an ordinary mum and her daughter, lifted by a melting performance from its young star. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Jun 2017: Publicis Groupe may have captured the conversation at Cannes with the launch of Marcel and its year-long sabbatical from awards events, but it hasn't yet halted the steady drop of account defections. Following a review of global creative for its Cadbury's masterbrand, Mondelez has transferred that account out of Fallon and Saatchi & Saatchi into a new split between VCCP and the Ogilvy network. VCCP will take over the brand in its biggest market, the UK & Ireland, with Ogilvy replacing Saatchi in Australia. Ogilvy already held the account in India, the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Canada.

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Free to all users | see full profile for current activities: VCCP was established in 2002 by four partners: Charles Vallance (formerly strategy director of WCRS), Rooney Carruthers (formerly creative director of FCB San Francisco), Adrian Coleman (formerly CEO of Chime's AMD division) and Ian Priest (formerly MD of HHCL). The team was well experienced in mobile telecoms - Carruthers and Vallance had both worked on the Orange account; and the latter also worked at WCRS on Vodafone. As a result, VCCP got off to a cracking start when it picked up the business for O2, the newly spun-off mobile telecoms business formerly known as BT Cellnet. The appointment was a surprise blow for BT Cellnet's previous agency AMV, as well as something of a risk for O2 since the account covered the brand's entire European network, including operations in Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. 

A privately funded start-up with no existing access to a European network, VCCP quickly put together its own set of alliances with local partners to rework creative in each territory. In 2003 and 2004, VCCP showed it had the capacity to attract other business as well, picking up a string of decent accounts, not least the prestigious Diet Coke account. In June 2005, the agency was acquired by Chime Communications for up to £30m in cash and shares, and was made the core of a newly restructured marketing services division within Chime. As a result, it absorbed Chime's existing integrated agency Heresy, and took over management control of the group's other advertising and marketing subsidiaries. 

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