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Family-run baker Warburtons experienced dramatic growth in the 2000s. Its flagship brand became Britain's best-selling packaged bread during 2007, overtaking long-time champion Hovis. It is also now one of the country's biggest selling grocery products, having grown beyond its traditional roots in the North to establish a national following. After a slowdown in performance in 2009 following a marketing-enhanced surge from Hovis, Warburtons responded with its own marketing push, offering an entertaining ad campaign in which the normal work of producing loaves was given epic dimensions with dramatic music and emotions. These underpin the company's motto of "We care because our name's on it". Subsequent campaigns have been even more extravagant, roping in Sly Stallone and the Muppets to add celebrity firepower.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Oct 2017: Ads Of The Week: "Pride & Breadjudice". Forget Sylvester Stallone, forget the Muppets; WCRS tops both its previous campaigns for British baker Warburtons with this really rather wonderful epic starring beloved local comedian Peter Kay. It's not just that it's funnier than its predecessors, but Bolton-born Kay is the perfect fit with Warburtons cherished Northern heritage, far more suitable than those previous US imports. Even international viewers unfamiliar with Kay's lad-next-door charms will be won over by the multiple gags in this brilliantly conceived Jane Austen-inflected parody. Just great.

Adbrands Weekly Update 19th Nov 2015: Ads Of The Week: "The Giant Crumpet Show". British baker Warburtons goes the full spectacular this week with a lavish campaign to launch - of all things - a giant crumpet. WCRS have done a fine job of making this work (better arguably than with the Stallone ad), and it brings back fond memories of the original Muppet Show which brightened our childhood Sunday afternoons. We have no idea how much it must cost to sign up the entire Muppets crew for an endorsement like this when they don't have a movie of their own to promote, but it can't be cheap. Let's hope they sell a few crumpets.

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