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Wieden & Kennedy London has tended to play a supporting role to the main HQ in Portland and the European hub in Amsterdam, especially on global accounts. However it has gained considerable acclaim for a series of campaigns for local advertisers, such as Honda (until 2017), Arla's Lurpak and Cravendale brands and Nike. Its biggest gain to-date came with the capture of the Tesco account in summer 2012, but the rigours of that business proved too much. The client moved agency again in early 2015, but a little over a year later W&K returned to the supermarket sector with the capture of Sainsbury's. W&K London's founding partner Neil Christie is still based at its offices, but took on a global role for the network as COO. Following a management restructure at the parent company in 2018, he took back the role of UK CEO. Helen Andrews is managing director. Nielsen (in Campaign) estimated billings of £90m in 2018, down by as much as 20% on the year before, but still enough to place W&K among the Top 20 agencies. See also Wieden & Kennedy Global

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Adbrands Daily Update 9th Jan 2020: "We All Want Quiet". Wieden & Kennedy London kicks off the new year with a superb campaign for The National Trust, the charitable body that oversees environmental and architectural conservation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The underlying thread for the spot is provided by the words of Octavia Hill, co-founder of the organisation 125 years ago. Her original conception was to brighten the lives of Victorian city dwellers with green spaces: "a few acres where the hill top enables the Londoner to rise above the smoke, to feel a refreshing air for a little time and to see the sun setting in coloured glory which abounds so in the Earth God made". As the ad emphasises, her ideas are even more relevant today. "We all want quiet. We all want beauty... we all need space." This fine film does her proud.

Adbrands Daily Update 12th Nov 2019: "Nicholas The Sweep". Sainsbury's has gradually taken up second place behind John Lewis for delivering a show-stopping Christmas ad. The rivalry between the two retailers - and their respective agencies Wieden & Kennedy London and Adam&Eve DDB - is palpable. All the more so since the impact of last year's Sainsbury's school pageant spot was blunted by a similarly themed ad from John Lewis and Waitrose, released just a couple of weeks before. All those months of hard work by Sainsbury's and W&K in vain. No chance of that this year, with the early release of a splendid mock-Dickensian epic that leans heavily on the retailer's historical legend but has plenty of time for in-jokes and ironic humour. Did we spot a Monty Python & The Holy Grail reference? ("Burn the Witch!"). And a top-and-tail voiceover from none other than Logan Roy himself... It's enormous fun, despite a slightly soppy denouement, which aims to suggest that it was Mary Sainsbury herself who helped to create the legend of Santa Claus. Still, if you can't have a bit of soppy at Christmas, when can you? Sainsbury's and W&K might just have come up with this year's star Christmas ad.

Adbrands Social Media 30th Jul 2019: "Magic of Coke Taste". Despite a title that reads like it was copied off a Japanese slogan T-shirt, Wieden & Kennedy London's new brand campaign for Coca-Cola is pretty good. Better by far than any of the dismal spots being unleashed by McCann and others for Diet Coke. It's that W&K magic, of course, undercutting even the most literal minds at Coke HQ. ("Here's the thing about Diet Coke; it's delicious..." Barf!) A little bit more of an edge would be nice, but at least there's a renewed commitment to creative imagination.

Adbrands Social Media 5th Feb 2019: "Stop At Nothing". An Italian special from Wieden & Kennedy London for Nike: this stylishly shot ad features a selection of rising female sporting stars from La Bella Italia. The most notable perhaps is Paralympic fencer Bebe Vio. She's become quite a star in her chosen sport as well as the wider media, having already appeared in ads for Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and others. As a child she was robbed of both hands and feet by a severe bout of meningitis but has fought back against her disability with extraordinary bravery. Also featured are soccer players Sara Gama and Benedetta Glionna, basketball player Ilaria Panzera, ballerina Valentina Vernia and Paralympic athlete Veronica Plebani.

Adbrands Social Media 28th Jan 2019: "Food Freedom". Let's take a break from Super Bowl for five minutes. Wieden & Kennedy London unveiled its first campaign for UK restaurant delivery company Deliveroo. It's getting brutally competitive out there between the various competing services, but we think W&K takes the edge with this customarily wacky campaign. It's a suitable vent for all those crazy gags the agency has been sitting on ever since the similarly zany Finish automatic dish detergent account moved away. As a result, you might need to watch a couple of times to catch some of the jokes - they come so thick and fast it's hard to keep up.

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