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Wieden & Kennedy London has tended to play a supporting role to the main HQ in Portland and the European hub in Amsterdam, especially on global accounts. However it has gained considerable acclaim for a series of campaigns for local advertisers, such as Honda and Arla's Lurpak and Cravendale brands. Its biggest gain to-date came with the capture of the Tesco account in summer 2012, but the rigours of that business proved too much. The client moved account again in early 2015, but a little over a year later W&K returned to the supermarket sector with the capture of Sainsbury's. W&K London's founding partner Neil Christie is still based at its offices, but took on a global role for the network as COO. Following a management restructure at the parent company in 2018, he took back the role of UK CEO. Helen Andrews is managing director. See also Wieden & Kennedy Global

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Adbrands Social Media 9th Oct 2018: "See Where Different Takes You". Wieden & Kennedy London engages in some visual and aural word jazz for Honda with the assistance of rapper and artist Kojey Radical. It's not perhaps a jaw-dropping as some of the agency's other recent work for the carmaker, but striking nonetheless. In a shock decision earlier this year Honda actually moved their main account out of W&K into a new dedicated shop under the management of Japanese agency Hakuhodo. However, no work has yet materialised. W&K remain on board for special projects, and also, for the time being it seems, the main creative account as well.

Adbrands Weekly Update 27th Sep 2018: Ads of the Week "Dreammakers: Jungle". It never ceases to amaze us how creatively interesting Honda's ads are all over the world, considering how boring their cars are. Here's a perfect example: the latest sponsorship ident from Wieden & Kennedy London for Honda's partnership with Channel 4 and Film On Four. Thankfully, W&K retained Honda's sponsorship duties in the handover of the main creative account to Hakuhodo. Sadly, it's only 23 seconds - let's hope a longer version is on its way in due course - but that's still 23 seconds of pure pleasure.

Adbrands Weekly Update 19th Jul 2018: Ads of the Week "Believe As One". Dry your tears, England. In this new campaign for Nike, Wieden & Kennedy London reminds us that the semi-final in Russia in 2018 was not the end but a new beginning. Ironically, it comes as Nike themselves scored every type of victory over arch-rival Adidas. France and Croatia both went onto the pitch in Nike apparel, as did England, with only Belgium among the final four sporting the Adidas logo. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Jun 2018: Cannes Lions 2018: And so Cannes Lions 2018 draws to a close. Another popular winner - widely predicted in advance of the festival, and also a past Ad of the Week here - was Wieden & Kennedy London's 'Nothing Beats A Londoner' film for Nike, which collected the Grand Prix in the new Social & Influencer category.

Adbrands Weekly Update 7th Jun 2018: Ads Of The Week "Master Food in a Hurry". Wieden & Kennedy London is still working wonders for Lurpak a decade after winning that business. Here's the latest, which continues that vigorously cinematic, lusciously shot series in a slightly new direction, swiping to the right as it were through a series of mouth-watering vignettes. And is that actor Rutger Hauer back on the team to deliver the voiceover in his uniquely velvety tones? The resulting film is, as always, very very tasty.

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