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22squared - formerly known as WestWayne - is one of the biggest independent agencies in the US Southeast, with offices in Atlanta and Tampa. It provides a full range of integrated services, which it originally offered under the banner of "Friendship Marketing", claiming to treat its clients like friends. That concept lies behind the odd name. Apparently the average individual makes 484 friends in their lifetime. And of course, 22 squared is 484. Makes perfect sense. The agency was founded in 1985 by Ben West after several years working at Y&R, O&M and D'Arcy. As West Group, it positioned itself as a planning-driven upstart agency. In 1996, it expanded by taking over more traditional old school agency Tucker Wayne, originally founded in 1922, whose biggest client was local telecoms giant BellSouth. The consolidation of BellSouth into AT&T in 2006 was a serious blow, prompting the rebranding the following year. Richard Ward was appointed as CEO of WestWayne in 2006, and oversaw the change of name a year later. Founder Ben West remains a director. Matt O'Rourke is chief creative officer. Advertising Age estimated revenues of $80m in 2017.

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