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72andSunny has gradually established a reputation as one of the hottest creative shops in the US, coming up fast behind and alongside what are now sister agencies CP+B and Anomaly. All three launched originally as independents, before becoming subsidiaries of marketing services group MDC Partners. 72andSunny's founding partners have an impressive pedigree - before launching their own agency in 2004 in Los Angeles they had headed up Wieden & Kennedy's European office in Amsterdam. That got the new agency off to a good start with some high profile projects from Nike; then they grabbed attention with campaigns for Samsung and Activision's Call of Duty game, and attracted a host of prestigious new clients including Google, Target and Starbucks. The agency was acquired by MDC in 2010. It maintains an office in Amsterdam alongside the LA HQ. A New York office opened in 2014, and two outposts opened in Asia Pacific in 2017 in Sydney and Singapore. John Boiler, one of the three original co-founders, remains as co-creative chairman alongside co-founder Glenn Cole. Matt Jarvis was named as global CEO in early 2017. AdAge estimated global revenues of $153m in 2016, putting it neck-and-neck with CP&B as MDC's biggest business. AdAge named 72andSunny as its Agency of the Year for 2012, and it is a regular feature on the trade bible's annual A-List; Adweek named it Agency of the Year for 2013.

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Adbrands Social Media 10th May 2019: "Make Your Home A Nest". Google finally got around to rebranding its Nest home devices system under the parent umbrella. Here's a lovely anthem spot from 72andSunny to celebrate the relaunch, filled with a multitude of charming vignettes about home life. It's a fine spot that will certainly stick in the mind of consumers; and it's also a fine product (Adbrands has a couple of Nest cameras, and loves them). However, I'm not sure it's a proper reflection of the product. I can't imagine anyone would be thinking of installing a Nest camera to capture moments of family joy, as the ad suggests. And you should definitely steer clear of anyone who has one in the bathroom or bedroom. In fact, the whole 90 second spot contains only about 5 seconds of actual Nest footage, so we'd have to say it's all a bit misleading; however lovely it may be.

Adbrands Social Media 30th Apr 2019: "Safety Never Stops". Uber is working hard to give its brand reputation a last polish before it launches its IPO, due any day now. Here's a likeable new pan-European campaign from 72andSunny Amsterdam which highlights the company's comparatively newfound awareness of safety concerns. (There's nothing like being banned from the streets of one of Europe's biggest cities to focus minds!) Borrowing the format of an airline safety video is a great idea, executed with wit and style.

Adbrands Social Media 2nd Apr 2019: "We Reign As One". Baseball caps, it's really an American thing, and there is no one bigger in the business than New Era, official partner of Major League Baseball and now the world's biggest manufacturer of headwear. Here's the latest campaign from 72andSunny, and it's another inclusive, hip, upbeat paean to cross-cultural harmony. We might support one team and you another, but we all support baseball. Various appropriate celebrities make cameo appearances including LA Dodgers' Justin Turner, NY Yankees Didi Gregorius, Houston Astros' José Altuve and the Cleveland Indians' Francisco Lindor. Those names don't mean much over here in the UK, but they're big names in MLB.

Adbrands Daily Update 6th Mar 2019: New CMO Michelle St Jacques took steps to address continuing declines by MillerCoors' flagship brand Coors Light. She called a review of creative out of 72andSunny, which is understood not to be defending the account. Nielsen estimated a 7% slide in Coors Light volumes for the final quarter of 2018, according to figures quoted by market watcher Beer Insights. Yet that was a better result than top-selling US beer Bud Light, down almost 9% in the same period. The review prompted 72andSunny to lay off 24 employees, equivalent to 5% of its US workforce. The new Australian outpost of 72andSunny is also nursing a big account loss with the transfer of local telecoms provider Optus.

Adbrands Social Media 4th Feb 2019: "The 100-Year Game". The NFL has a long history of advertising in its own Super Bowl, but arguably no previous ad has proved quite as popular or as spectacular as 72andSunny's splendid, chaotic reunion dinner. You'd have to be a fan - or, simply, American - to recognise any other than a couple of these famous faces, but essentially the entire Football Hall of Fame is present and correct. Though significantly less well known internationally, they're as familiar to US sports fans, and as revered, as movie stars. Getting them all together for this ad was quite a feat, but it looks like they had a ball making it.

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