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72andSunny has gradually established a reputation as one of the hottest creative shops in the US, coming up fast behind and alongside what are now sister agencies CP+B and Anomaly. All three launched originally as independents, before becoming subsidiaries of marketing services group MDC Partners. 72andSunny's founding partners have an impressive pedigree - before launching their own agency in 2004 in Los Angeles they had headed up Wieden & Kennedy's European office in Amsterdam. That got the new agency off to a good start with some high profile projects from Nike; then they grabbed attention with campaigns for Samsung and Activision's Call of Duty game, and attracted a host of prestigious new clients including Google, Target and Starbucks. The agency was acquired by MDC in 2010. It maintains an office in Amsterdam alongside the LA HQ. A New York office opened in 2014, and two outposts opened in Asia Pacific in 2017 in Sydney and Singapore. John Boiler, one of the three original co-founders, remains as co-creative chairman alongside co-founder Glenn Cole. Matt Jarvis was named as global CEO in early 2017, but moved up in 2020 to chairman. Evin Shutt, who was the agency's first employee when it opened, was appointed as CEO in his place. AdAge named 72andSunny as its Agency of the Year for 2012, and it is a regular feature on the trade bible's annual A-List; Adweek named it Agency of the Year for 2013. AdAge estimated global revenues of $164m in 2019, making it MDC's #2 agency by revenue after Anomaly. In 2019, the agency was paired with CP&B, design unit Redscout and production company Heco Studio under the banner of Constellation Collective.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Update:

Adbrands Daily Update 28th Aug 2020: "Fantastic Voyage". 72andSunny takes over from Adobe's usual agency Goodby Silverstein with a fabulously colourful and imaginative campaign for Photoshop. "While we started the campaign before Covid-19, we entered into production right as the pandemic started to hit the United States," says 72andSunny creative director Lauren Smith. "In an interesting twist of fate, we had to use the power of imagination not only in our film but also in the way we made it. From remote production night shoots in Prague to a video village in Los Angeles to countless remote post-production calls across oceans and time zones and remote editing/mixing/colouring, we figured out ways to work that we previously wouldn't have imagined possible. The result is a stunning ode to the places our imagination can take us, even when the world puts constraints and limitations on us."

Adbrands Daily Update 29th Jul 2020: "Open Like Never Before". Coca-Cola unveils a bold and uplifting post-Covid manifesto for Europe with this fine campaign from 72andSunny Amsterdam, featuring the warm and witty words of rising British star George the Poet. Above all this is a film about inclusivity and fellow feeling, not division, and George's message is one from which we can all benefit. Coke's advertising has rediscovered its creative edge over the last year or so after a prolonged mid-decade slump. According to Coke's SVP EMEA marketing, Walter Susini, "'Open Like Never Before' is not just a campaign, it's an extension of our purpose, because fundamentally our goal is to refresh the world and make a difference across community and society. Together we believe we can emerge stronger from this moment." Most impressive of all here is the lack of corporate branding. The Coke logo is most noticeable for its near-absence from the film, appearing only fleetingly in the background of a handful of shots. A fine start to the "better normal".

Adbrands Daily Update 6th March 2020: "Idiots Are Amazing". There's a bold new marketing strategy for Coca-Cola's Fanta in Europe, courtesy of newly appointed 72andSunny Amsterdam. Gone - thank heavens! - is the grim "yoof" angle the brand has been pursuing for the past decade in most markets in favour of a quirkier millennials approach. Here's the anthem ad, which has also been carved up into separate individual segments. What's most pleasing about the concept is that it recognises the absurdity of stupid social media stunts, but also acknowledges just how compelling they are, and how hard to resist. Why not be an idiot from time to time? Life's too short not to.

Adbrands Daily Update 3rd Nov 2019: "Mayhem: St Bernard". Still pining for classic TV comedy series '30 Rock'? Tina Fey is reunited with her wastrel ex-boyfriend from that show - or rather actor Dean Winters - in a funny new campaign for Allstate Insurance. Winters' danger-loving character "Mayhem" has been a consistently entertaining feature of Allstate's advertising since he was first created by Leo Burnett almost ten years ago, alternating with the rather more serious "good hands" ads fronted by Dennis Haysbert. This new campaign was overseen not by Burnett's but by 72andSunny, working with Allstate's increasingly active inhouse agency. A "Mayhem Cat" spot already dropped a couple of weeks ago, so this dog version was inevitable. Here's hoping there are more spots on the way.

Adbrands Weekly Update 8th Oct 2019: "Infamous Since 1864". More potted history in this lavish new campaign from 72andSunny and Hollywood director Rupert Sanders. It claims to Smirnoff's first global campaign for 25 years, and it marks a very notable improvement on the grim work that the brand has been delivering for the past few years in the US and Europe. Even if it's not quite back to the standard of its 1980s and 1990s glories (see below for the story behind the making of Michel Gondry's marvellous "Smarienberg" film). It's all done with considerable style and elegance, but they must be kidding if they think we'll suspend disbelief and think of Smirnoff as something secret, mysterious or infamous, known only to rascally initiates. It may have started life as a outlaw tipple, but it's been the world's best-selling spirit by volumes for at least the past 30 years.

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