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The Always and Tampax brands give Procter & Gamble a commanding 25% share of the worldwide feminine protection market, and a dominant 50% in the US. But the route to the top has not been easy. For years feminine protection products were unmentionable. No manufacturer would own up to making them, no retailer would display them, and no self-respecting woman would ask for them by name. Gradually these taboos broke down, and Tampax was a genuine innovation when it first appeared during the 1930s. P&G's involvement came much later. The company's first feminine protection product, Rely, was launched nationally in the US in 1979 with an unprecedented marketing assault. Less than a year later it was withdrawn entirely after it was linked to multiple cases of toxic shock syndrome. The introduction of Always several years later was much smoother, and that product proved one of P&G's most notable successes of the 1980s, capturing leadership of a mature global market from scratch in less than 10 years. P&G widened its lead with the acquisition of Tampax in 1997. In 2013, the femcare business became part of a new P&G Baby, Feminine & Family Care division. Feminine care accounts for around 6% of P&G's global sales, or $4.6bn in ye Jun 2021. Always is the company's main sanitary pad brand, accompanied by Alldays liners; the brands have different names for the same or similar ranges around the world. These include Whisper in much of Asia, Orkid in Turkey, Lines in Italy, Ausonia and Evax in Spain and Portugal. Naturella is a lower-cost range sold mainly in emerging markets. Combined sales of the Always family are around $3bn annually, with $1bn for Tampax. BeingGirl is the group's global portal offering advice and information for teenage girls about menstruation. Fama Francisco is divisional president of global baby & feminine care, with Jennifer Davis as president, global femcare.

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Who are the competitors of Always and Tampax? The main competitors to P&G in the US market are Kimberly-Clark (Kotex and Poise) and Edgewell Personal Care (Playtex, OB and Stayfree). The biggest private label brand is Walmart's Equate. International competitors include Essity in European markets (with Bodyform, Libra, Vania and other brands), Accantia in the UK (Lil-Lets), private label manufacturer Ontex in Belgium, TZMO in Poland (Bella tampons and liners), Uni-Charm and Kao Corporation in Japan and several other Asian markets, and Hengan Fujian in China. See Personal Care Sector index for other companies and brands

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Adbrands Weekly Update 25th Jun 2015: It's turning out to be a great year at Cannes for P&G, who have collected three Grand Prix so far for their sanpro portfolio. Grand Prix for Health & Wellness in the Lions Health event was collected by Leo Burnett Mexico, with a campaign sponsored by P&G's Always to promote feminine health and education in rural communities. The top award in the main festival's new Glass Lions category, celebrating gender-equality, was collected by BBDO India for its "Touch The Pickle" campaign for P&G's Whisper brand - the local version of Always. The campaign sets out to bust the myths surrounding menstruation in Indian communities, not least the taboo that dictates that a menstruating woman should not touch the pickle jar because it will spoil. And there was never much doubt that Leo Burnett and MSL's "Like A Girl" campaign for Always would take home multiple awards from Cannes. Having already secured several metal awards in the first few days, it finally collected the Grand Prix in PR. The widely admired campaign sets out to break the convention that doing something "like a girl" suggests you're doing it badly.

Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Jul 2014: Ads of the Week "Like A Girl". Leo Burnett's Chicago, Toronto and London offices teamed up with documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield for this bold campaign for P&G's Always sanpro range. The ad sets out to take the sting out of the taunt 'like a girl' (as in "you throw like a girl"). It's a clever concept and chimes well with the marketer's newly adopted and similar strategy for Pantene (featured here previously). The Dove brand team at Unilever must be pleased with themselves for finally making their arch-rival play catch-up - they've been ploughing this empowerment furrow for a decade.


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