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Booking Holdings - known as Priceline Group until 2018 - is one of what are now just two leading companies in online travel services, slightly smaller than arch-rival Expedia by total bookings, but significantly more profitable (at least until the pandemic). Like its rival it has expanded through a series of acquisitions, snapping up a succession of competitors. However, after several years of dramatic growth, the Coronovirus pandemic, and the resulting collapse of global business and leisure travel, caused a sudden plunge in performance in 2020, the scale of which is as yet unclear. Booking's portfolio now houses long-established US service Priceline, fast-expanding and more internationally focused - now its single biggest business by far - and price comparison aggregator Other units include Asia Pacific operator Agoda, the global service and restaurant reservation site OpenTable, which operates mainly in the US and UK. Most of those companies operates more or less independently of one another. In 2017, the group agreed to acquire European metasearch service Momondo for $550m as well as UK-based airfare reseller Cheapflights. In 2018 it agreed a strategic alliance with Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing to co-promote each other services. Total revenues hit a high in 2019 of $15.1bn on gross bookings of more than $96bn before plunging the following year to just $6.8bn on bookings down by a third to $35.5bn. There was a partial rebound in 2021 to revenues of $11.0bn on gross bookings of $76.6bn. Net profit was $1.2bn (still well below 2019's $4.9bn). During the year, the group processed 590m hotel room nights, 47m car rental days and 15m airline tickets. Booking generates almost 90% of its revenues from the international market, significantly more than Expedia, and it wields a mammoth advertising budget, the vast bulk of which is spent on performance marketing, mostly search advertising or affiliate commissions. That puts the company among the world's ten biggest advertisers. However brand advertising has also risen and the nature of those ads has evolved from the joky gags that once distinguished's and Kayak's commercials to more thoughtful travelogues. Group CEO Darren Huston resigned in 2016 following an affair with a fellow employee. He was eventually replaced by Glenn Fogel in early 2017. Fogel is also CEO of lead brand Priceline was one of the pioneers in online travel, originally launched in 1997 with the irrestistible offer "Name your own price" for your holiday.

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