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CDM (previously Cline Davis & Mann) is a leading US-based healthcare agency, owned since 1997 by Omnicom. It has long featured among America's most admired medical marketing agencies, not least because of an awe-inspiring reputation for winning new business. The 2016 bundling of all Omnicom's healthcare businesses under the shared banner of Omnicom Health Group (OHG) has led to a certain erosion of the main CDM agency's long-established independence in favour of greater collaboration with its sibling shops. However, CDM's two most senior executives at that point - CEO Ed Wise and president Joshua Prince - were elevated to the umbrella entity as group CEO and CMO respectively. Sharon Callahan is now CEO of CDM; David Stemler is ECD. The agency offers a full range of services beyond advertising including account planning, medical and scientific affairs, and relationship management. CDM also operates a substantial in-house media department in New York, and pools its resources with other group agencies under the umbrella of SSCG Media group. HealthWork is a DTC joint venture with BBDO. MM&M estimated fee income of $130m in 2020. There is also a UK office as well as representation in several other markets through Omnicom Health Group. The shop was originally founded in 1984 by Morgan Cline, Clyde Davis and Fred Mann, all formerly executives at Klemtner advertising (later one of the pillars for Publicis Healthcare). Their founding client was Pfizer, and for the next decade Cline Davis Mann served almost exclusively as the pharmaceutical giant's main agency. In the mid-1990s that relationship was renegotiated slightly. Pfizer began farming out some of its business to other shops, while CDM was given permission to pitch for third-party accounts. Nevertheless CDM remained Pfizer's lead agency handling the launch of two of its biggest blockbusters, Viagra and Lipitor. In 1997, the agency was acquired by Omnicom. Fred Mann retired in 1993; Cline and Davis stepped down in 2001.

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