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Few companies can match Church & Dwight for sheer inventiveness. The company has grown to multi-billion-dollar status by taking one simple substance, sodium bicarbonate, and creating from it a dazzling array of different products ranging from household cleaners and pet litter to toothpaste and antiperspirants, all under the distinctive Arm & Hammer logo. Strategic acquisitions have bulked the portfolio further with brands as well-known and as diverse as Trojan condoms and Brillo scouring pads, as well as the Close-Up, Mentadent and Spinbrush oral care brands in North America previously owned by Unilever and Procter & Gamble.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 20th Jul 2017: Some brands may not be especially glamorous or celebrated but they still have extraordinary transfer value if they fill an important need for a particular buyer. One such deal was agreed this week. Diversified consumer goods marketer Church & Dwight added to its oral care portfolio with a $1bn cash offer for Water Pik, the maker of electric water flossers and sonic toothbrushes. That's a little under four times Water Pik's annual sales. Church & Dwight is best-known as the owner of the Arm & Hammer brand, active in oral care as well as numerous other sectors. It also has a clutch of other oral care products including Spinbrush battery toothbrushes and Orajel analgesics.

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