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Cramer-Krasselt is a full-service integrated agency headquartered in Chicago, and now one of the country's largest remaining independents. It has a reputation for solid, occasionally outstanding creative work, sometimes underpinned by a quirky sense of humour. (Typical of this was the agency's invention of "stealth disco" in the early 2000s, a pastime in which employees filmed each other silently dancing behind the backs of colleagues engaged in more serious activities, then posted the results on the company's website). Key C-K clients include Porsche and especially Corona Extra, for whom C-K devised the long-running "Find Your Beach" campaign. First launched in the early 1990s, it is still running today. In 2001, the agency spun out public relations division CKPR, which established its own New York outpost in 2003 with the purchase of local agency Nichol & Company. There is also an outpost in Milwaukee. C-K's international work is handled through the ICOM federation of independent agencies. The agency is run by chairman & CEO Peter Krivkovich, with Marshall Ross as vice chairman & group chief creative officer and Karen Seamen as president & COO. Advertising Age estimated revenues of $86m in 2019. C-K is also in fact one of the country's oldest agencies, first founded in 1898 by Cody Cramer and William Krasselt, initially as a sideline to their bicycle magazine publishing company. The two partners died in 1934 and 1940 respectively, but the agency flourished, opening a number of regional offices.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Update:

Adbrands Daily Update 27th Jan 2020: "The Heist". Of all Volkswagen Group's brands, Porsche is the one least noted for top notch advertising. There are just one or two exceptions - notably the Ali vs Ali spot from five years ago - but otherwise you'd be hard-pressed to name-check a single other memorable spot from the world's most popular sports car. Compare that record to, say, stablemates Audi or Volkswagen, who between them churn out one or more great ads every other week. Clearly, US agency Cramer-Krasselt doesn't often get the chance to let rip for its longstanding client; but here's one of those rare occasions: Porsche's first Super Bowl ad since 1997. The results are great fun, a fine opportunity for the carmaker to show off its heritage - a Porsche tractor even! - and rip-roaring entertainment in its own right. With a cool punchline too. Job applications to work as a Porsche security guard just went through the roof. Let's hope we don't have to wait another five years for the next Porsche special.

Adbrands Daily Update 14th Apr 2020: Classic Ads: "Monkeys". Job site CareerBuilder was a distant third in the US recruitment sector before Chicago agency Cramer-Krasselt used the 2005 Super Bowl as the launch pad for the hilarious "Monkeys" campaign. Over the course of several installments, the ads featured a cast of misbehaving chimps playing office workers who make the life of their solitary human colleague absolute misery. The concept was simple but brilliant. Don't work with monkeys: a better job awaits. [See more...]

Adbrands Weekly Update 17th Dec 2015: Ads of the Week "Compete". Porsche's US agency Cramer-Krasselt breaks the mould with this bold new spot for the legendary German sportscar, not previously noted for its creative advertising. With assistance from some clever digital effects, C-K puts a young Muhammad Ali in the ring against himself; Sharapova on court against Sharapova; chess champion Magnus Carlsen fighting the clock against his doppelganger; all to demonstrate that nothing beats the 911 except the new 911. Nicely done.

Adbrands Weekly Update 29th Oct 2015: Nikon has quietly transferred US creative from McCann to indie Cramer-Krasselt.

Adbrands Weekly Update 16th Apr 2015: Hilton Hotels further consolidated its US portfolio with indie Cramer-Krasselt, moving Homewood Suites from Publicis Kaplan Thaler.

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