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Domino's is the world's largest pizza delivery service, with a footprint that now extends far beyond the US to over 15,100 stores in 85 countries by mid 2018, stretching from Australia to Venezuela and Azerbaijan to Vietnam. Its two biggest markets by stores, after the US, are India and the UK, both with over 1,000 outlets. Global system sales were $12.25bn in 2017, and the group sells an average of 2.5m pizzas every day around the globe. It became the world's #1 pizza chain overall for the first time that year, overtaking long-time champion Pizza Hut but virtually all Domino's outlets are kitchen-only, offering only delivery or carry-out service, and no dine-in facilities. They are also almost all franchised, through a network of master franchise operators. Five of its biggest international franchisees are public companies in their own right, including Domino's Pizza Enterprises (which covers countries including Australia, France, Japan and the Netherlands) and Dominos Pizza Group (the UK, Ireland and Germany). After several years of flat performance in the core US market, sales and profits have grown sharply since 2012, largely at the expense of arch-rival Pizza Hut as well as other quickserve operators. A key factor has been heavy investment in technological innovation, especially digital ordering services, including one that allows customers to order using pizza emojis in a text message. It was the first company to begin testing self-driving vehicle delivery in the US in 2017 in a partnership with Ford. This has been accompanied by strong international growth, although the principal benefits of that expansion is derived by Domino's franchise partners rather than the company itself. Domino's dropped the word pizza from its name in 2015 to reflect its wider menu. Ritch Allison succeeded long-serving leader Patrick Doyle as CEO at the end of 2017. Company revenues hit a best-ever $2.79bn that year. Domino's is largely the work of one man, orphan and college dropout Tom Monaghan, who with his brother James purchased DomiNick's, a small pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1960. He changed its name to Domino's in 1965, and set up his first franchise two years later on the other side of town. He sold the business to private equity in 1998 for $1bn; it went public six years later.

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Who are the competitors of Domino's? Domino's main competitors are Pizza Hut worldwide, and Papa John's and Little Caesar's in the US, as well as a wide variety of other national or regional brands. In the US, Domino's had almost 26% market share in 2017 to 24% for Pizza Hut and 16% for Little Caesars. See Restaurants Sector index for other companies

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Adbrands Weekly Update 22nd Feb 2018: Pizza Hut was overtaken for the first time in both global and US sales by arch-rival Domino's, despite a slow-down in the latter's same-store growth in the final quarter. Domino's had global system sales of over $12.2bn for 2017, including $5.9bn in the US. Pizza Hut posted $12.0bn worldwide and $5.5bn in the US. In a separate development, Domino's could soon be a target for Burger King parent Restaurant Brands International, which has been steadily adding to its foodservice portfolio. Pizza is one sector where it doesn't yet have a presence. According to Latin American business publication Brazil Journal, which is close to RBI's private equity owner 3G Capital, a bid could be in the offing. BJ founder Geraldo Samor writes "While looking at potential acquisition targets, RBI also considered Yum Brands, but Domino's - besides being a smaller, more digestible target - carries an additional appeal: in recent years it has dramatically innovated its business model, embracing technology like no other company in the industry."

Adbrands Weekly Update 11th Jan 2018: Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle will step down next summer after eight years in that role. Richard Allison, currently international president, will step up to the top job. US pres Russell Weiner moves up to COO & president, Americas.

Adbrands Weekly Update 21st Dec 2017: Domino's promoted US CMO Joe Jordan to a new role as EVP, international, overseeing the pizza company's global presence. Marketing will now be led by Art D'Elia, who joins from Danone in the role of SVP & chief brand & innovation officer.

Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Mar 2016: Ads Of The Week: "The Mouth Boggles". Here's a delightfully insane spot for Dominos in the UK from Iris Worldwide, using some deeply disturbing visual trickery to suggest the effect of a mouth-watering (their words, not mine) Domino's pizza on your average human. Weird but wonderful! MmmmmAhhhBlblblb....

Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd July 2015: The 2015 Cannes Lions Festival finished off on Saturday night with a big blowout of awards. The Titanium & Integrated category had two Grand Prix winners. CP&B took one of the top prizes with its emoji ordering system for Domino's, allowing registered customers to order their pizza with just a tweet of the pizza emoticon. Plenty of people signed up for the service; but it would be interesting to know how well it worked and how many people ordered their pizza this way more than once. Sharing the Grand Prix in that category was Wieden & Kennedy for its star-studded tribute to retiring NY Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, on behalf of the Nike Jordan brand.

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