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Doner was until recently one of the world's biggest independent advertising agencies, although it lost its position as the US #1 in 2007 to rival Richards. In 2012, though, it sold a significant minority stake to MDC Partners, and is now majority owned by that group. Doner operates mainly in the US, but also has a small presence in the UK. It grew rapidly during the late 1990s, due in no small part to the capture of the Mazda account in 1997, and it was responsible for developing the car company's popular and long-running "Zoom Zoom" campaign. However, the agency has struggled since 2006 with a series of client losses. It attempted to stem that losing streak with an updated image and a refreshed management team, following the retirement of longtime CEO Alan Kalter. However, those changes were not enough to prevent the departure of Mazda as well a few months later. As a result, Doner mounted an aggressive new business drive, which began to deliver results towards the end of the year, not least a position on what is now the Fiat Chrysler roster.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd July 2015: Ads of the Week "House Sitter". Robot vacuum cleaners know more about life than we do. The West Coast office of MDC's Doner agency has come up with a collection of superb gags for the new campaign for Neato, a brand we hadn't heard of before, but which we now totally love because of these spots. Now *that's* the power of advertising. Brilliant jokes, and also some great wry punchlines for the close-out frames about just what exactly Neato Knows... See the others on our Facebook page.

Adbrands Weekly Update 10th Oct 2013: JC Penney's new marketing chief Debra Berman announced another shakeup of the struggling retailer's marketing roster. Out goes Y&R New York, appointed at the start of the year by Berman's predecessor, consultant Sergio Zyman. In comes Doner to handle mainstream advertising, with support on digital and social media from viral specialist EVB and crowd-sourcing unit Victors & Spoils. Berman has also ditched Penney's redesigned flag logo, introduced by former CEO Ron Johnson, in favour of the old traditional logo from three years ago.

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