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Dunkin' Brands is a leading quick-service restaurant group, with around 20,520 franchised outlets worldwide. There are stores in almost 60 countries, but the biggest markets by far are the US, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East. There are only a handful of outlets elsewhere. It operates two branded chains. Specialising in coffee and donuts, as well as other snacks, Dunkin' - or Dunkin' Donuts as it was until a 2018 rebrand - operates 12,540 stores worldwide. Combined system sales in 2017 were almost $9.2bn, of which $8.5bn was in the US, where it is now the #7 foodservice chain overall, and #2 in the beverage & snacks segment behind Starbucks. It followed its rival into packed retail coffee in the 2000s, in a modestly successful partnership with what is now JM Smucker and also markets single-serve capsules for use in Keurig home coffeemakers. Baskin-Robbins is the world's largest ice cream franchise with 7,980 outlets in 49 countries, and system sales of almost $2bn, more than two-thirds of which came from outside the US. A third chain, sandwich store Togo's, was sold in 2007. Virtually all the group's outlets are operated by franchisees, who pay royalties and license fees for use of the brands. In return, Dunkin oversees product development and marketing. Company revenues were $861m in 2017. Nigel Travis is chairman, but handed over the role of CEO in 2018 to David Hoffman. The Dunkin' business was assembled over several years by British spirits and wine group Allied Domecq. Baskin-Robbins, founded in California in 1946 by brothers-in-law Burt Baskins and Irv Robbins, was acquired in 1973 by J Lyons, one of Allied's forerunners . It went on to acquire Dunkin' Donuts - founded in Boston in 1946 by William Rosenberg - in 1990. Following the break-up of Allied in 2005, Dunkin' Brands was acquired by private equity investors, who floated the business in 2011.

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Adbrands Social Media 11th Feb 2019: "Fuel Your Destiny". Our favourite ad by far from last night's Grammys was this offbeat spot from BBDO New York for Dunkin' - just Dunkin' now; they still sell Donuts but not above the door! It's quite a change from previous ads from the coffeeshop chain, and all the better for that. Great concept, great script and a really impressive collection of unusual-looking character actors. Don't be offended but even in these PC times, the technical term for them is still "uglies", but we think they're all wonderful. A special shout-out for the crazed captain and that "prototypes" guy.

Adbrands Weekly Update 27th Sep 2018: Dunkin's Donuts are no more, at least above the door. The coffee and snacks chain is rebranding as plain Dunkin'. Customers need not fear a change of menu. "Although the word 'donuts' will no longer appear in the logo or branding, donuts will remain a significant focus for the brand," said the company. Social media backlash was considerable, nonetheless, with several commenters asking "So what exactly are we 'Dunkin', if not Donuts?"

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