Dunkin' Brands (US)

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Dunkin' Brands is a leading quick-service restaurant group, with franchised outlets in almost 60 countries worldwide, but mainly North America, Asia and the Middle East. It operates two branded chains: Dunkin' Donuts coffee shops and Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlours. The business ranks among the Top 10 restaurant groups worldwide by outlets, with more than 19,100 distribution points around the globe, although by far the majority are in the US. Virtually all outlets are operated by franchisees, who pay royalties and license fees for use of the brands. In return, Dunkin oversees product development and marketing. 

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Adbrands Weekly Update 6th Oct 2016: Dunkin' Donuts is to go up against coffee shop rival Starbucks with a new line of ready-to-drink canned and bottled coffee beverages, and it has signed up Coca-Cola as its manufacturing and distribution partner. That opens another battlefront for the Atlanta cola giant against long-time rival PepsiCo, which is the licensee for packaged Starbucks beverages. Coke already has considerable expertise in the RTD coffee sector - its Georgia brand is a long-established leader in that segment in Japan - but it has only a minimal presence in the US sector, which is dominated by Pepsi-Starbucks. Coke's only foothold is through distribution of an RTD product from Italy's Illy Caffe, and its part-subsidiary Monster Beverages' Java Monster.

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