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ExxonMobil is one of the world's biggest energy companies by both revenues and proved reserves, producing 3.8m barrels of oil and gas a day in 2018. Proved oil-equivalent reserves, either directly controlled or through partnerships, were 24.2bn barrels at the end of 2018. Its main consumer-facing business is its global network of service stations, operating in the US as Exxon and internationally - mainly in Europe - as Esso. There are around 21,000 outlets globally selling Exxon-produced fuels, more than half of them in North America. The vast majority, including all stations in North America, are operated by licensees. It also markets fuels and engine lubricants globally under the Mobil and Synergy brands. Like all its rivals, though, it has been wrestling for several years with mercurial fluctuations in the price of oil, which have caused dramatic changes in revenues and profits. Revenues have fluctuated dramatically in recent years as a result of the dramatic turbulence in oil prices, hitting lows of $219bn in 2016 before rebounding once more to $279.3bn for 2018. Net income in the latter year was $20.8bn. Chairman & CEO Rex Tillerson stepped down in early 2017 to become Secretary of State for the Trump administration. He was replaced by Darren Woods. The current group was formed from the reunification in 1999 of Exxon and Mobil, two of the several units created in 1911 from the break-up of America's original 19th Century energy pioneer Standard Oil. The Esso name was coined in 1926 from the S and O of Standard Oil by what was then Jersey Standard. That company changed its name to Exxon in 1972.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 21st Dec 2017: Ads of the Week: "Reindeer Princess". Adam&Eve DDB unearths an unusual tale for ExxonMobil, recounting the story of "Reindeer Princess" Anne. No, it's not that ExxonMobil have given up on fossil fuels to embrace reindeer-powered vehicles; but their remotely located Esso petrol stations in Norway allow this champion reindeer racer to keep her snowmobile topped up through the winter. An interesting and unusual tale.

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