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Fallon established a reputation as one of America's most admired creative agencies during the 1990s. Pat Fallon had originally launched the business in 1981 before selling it to Ogilvy & Mather later that decade. Unhappy about Ogilvy's subsequent takeover by WPP, he bought the business back and then effectively reinvented it. Over the following few years, Fallon created a succession of widely admired campaigns for, among others, BMW, United Airlines and Citigroup. The agency quadrupled its billings in just three years before selling for the second time in 2000, this time to Publicis. That deal allowed Fallon to expand its presence around the globe with outposts such as Fallon London. By mid-decade, though, following the departure of key creative leaders Dave Lubars in Minneapolis and Ari Merkin in New York, the US agency had begun to struggle with a series of account losses, and was increasingly overshadowed by its UK office, which was then enjoying considerable critical acclaim as a result of stunning work for clients such as Sony, Orange and Cadbury. In 2007, Publicis established a closer partnership between Fallon and its larger stablemate Saatchi & Saatchi under a shared umbrella structure, known as SSF Group. Yet Fallon's performance in the US has remained uneven, while the London office suffered an alarming slump after 2010. Fallon still operates two US offices; the main HQ in Minneapolis and secondary office in New York, previously aR New York. The agency is among the several Publicis agencies contributing to the Groupe's dedicated Walmart unit Department W. AdAge estimated US revenues for Fallon of $31m in 2019. Long-serving CEO Mike Buchner (and Fallon lifer) moved up to chairman that year but retired in 2020 after 35 years with the agency. Rocky Novak is now CEO with Nikki Baker and Leslie Shaffer as joint ECDs.

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